Friday, August 30, 2013

Where's Wally - Looking For EV's in Spain

Fast-Charging Station in Marbella with an I-Miev in the background

Some weeks ago i had the chance to spend some days in the Spanish province of Andalucia and i took the opportunity to look for EV's there, here's what i saw:

Renault Twizy - Unlike what i thought, they're really not that easy to find in the sunny south of Spain, i only saw one, full of hotel decals and storming through traffic like it was running for its life.

Renault Zoe - I didn't saw them on the streets, but they are present in Renault POS, with a corner in showrooms dedicated to them. I also saw a Fluence ZE in the POS parking lot ready for a test-drive (I think it would be better if they also lined up a Zoe, don't you think?)

Citröen C-Zero in Seville
Mitsubishi I-Miev family(1) - I saw a fair number of them (Three, to be more exact), one belonging to the province government, other to a car-sharing company and the third to a Citröen sales franchise. One thing that struck me was that these cars still grab attention from people, curious on how they look and how they work.

Nissan Leaf - I saw a white one in a shopping center parking lot with the driver in it. No company decals, not a company car, just an anonymous guy in a t-shirt that bought an electric car with his own money. "Pioneer" - Was the word that came to mind.

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