Thursday, August 29, 2013

Japan July 2013

Two Generations side-by-side, the newbie Outlander PHEV and the veteran I-Miev

Waiting for Better Days Edition

This title refers to two different, but connected situations, the first is the horrible summer that Mitsubishi is experiencing, due to the battery problems occurred last Spring. With just 175 units sold this month, Mitsu lost another 4% share to 48% and sees a bullish Nissan right behind (47%), looking to recover the Best Selling Brand title, after winning it in 2011.

The second event refers to the below average sales that the japanese EV market is registering, this month the tally ended in 1.309 units, the best monthly result since March, but well bellow the 4.500 units registered in February, resulting in another drop of the EV share to 0,75%, now 0,02% down on 2012 hallmark (0,77%).

To the rescue of both situations comes the Outlander PHEV, which resumed production in the end of August, after months of zero production, this will help greatly on the recovery of Mitsubishi and the japanese EV market as a whole, and with an expected production of some 2.000 units/month, it's just in time to put pressure on the Nissan Leaf for the Best Selling Model Title...

Pl                Japan      July       YTD     %Pl '12
1Nissan Leaf1.0346.72447       2
2Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
4.307  30     N/A
3Mitsubishi I-Miev681.1148       3
4Mitsubishi Minicab Miev931.0097       4
5Toyota Prius Plug-In e)1007005       1
6Mitsub. Minicab Miev Truck145384     N/A


e) Estimate

Source:, Manufacturers

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