Friday, August 23, 2013

Europe July 2013

The fight between these two promises to be long
Zoe vs Leaf European Edition

Another chapter in the fight between the Zoe and the Leaf, this time with the Leaf winning 715 vs 700 in July, but still far from its french cousin in the YTD chart. The following positions remain the same, although the #5 Twizy is closing in on the #4 Prius Plug-In.

Further down the ranking, the Chevy Volt climbs one position to #12, changing positions with Bolloré Blue Car, which has being losing steam this year.

Comparing positions between now and the end of last year, there are lots of changes, the Zoe shoots up from nowhere (#21) to the leadership, the Twizy drops from the top spot to #5, the Smart Fortwo ED climbs 6 positions to #6, the Volvo V60 climbs from #22 to #8, and three french models drop significantly: the C-Zero goes from #6 to #10, the Fluence from #10 to #15 and the Peugeot iOn from #7 to...#14, winning the title of largest drop in the Euro ranking.

A special comment for the Opel Ampera stumble from #2 to #7, losing on the way the PHEV best seller title for the Prius Plug-In, GM announced this month a 5.000$ price cut on the US Chevy Volt, we can only expect that in the next weeks or months the european arm of The General does the same, because if it doesn't, the sales slide in their main markets, like Holland or Germany, will become irreversible as newer, better plug-ins reach their shores.

1Renault Zoe e)7005.4702321
2Nissan Leaf7355.042214
3Renault Kangoo ZE e)4003.365143
4Toyota Prius Plug-In1682.14395
5Renault Twizy e)3001.93481
6Smart Fortwo ED1281.420612
7Opel Ampera941.21652
8Volvo V60 Plug-In59585222
9Mitsubishi I-Miev2851728
10Citröen C-Zero138326
11Goupil G374349114
12Chevrolet Volt80320111
13Bolloré Blue Car1026819
Peugeot iOn
Renault Fluence ZE e)


e) Estimate


  1. Not very impressive. Looks like the market is not growing at all...

  2. It is, but not very much. Last year there were 43.000 EV's sold in Europe and this year i'm predicting some 50.000 units.

    It's not bad until we compare with USA & Canada, markets where sales are doubling and could achieve some 110.000 units by the end of the year, making North America the main engine of growth for EV's.

    Maybe next year, with a less severe economic crisis, EV's could see their sales accelerate in Europe, we can only hope.

    1. But still, among this 50.000 units, 30% (or maybe 40%) is french market and this is only because Renault invested so much in EV cars.

      Even german market is 3 times smaller then french. Uk bought only 3.000 cars last year!

      In Poland i haven't seen any EV car on road. I suppose EV sales are less then marginal.

      I'm affraid, that there won't be next generation of Zoe, iOn, C-Zero etc. Only USA/Canada EV models will survive, such as Leaf. What do you think?

  3. German EV market will only grow once german-made models, like the BMW i3, are available. At that time, i expect that market to be in the same league of France.

    As for Poland, as i will post on the next market roundup, there are only 9 electric cars sold this year, 6 Nissan Leaf, 2 Opel Ampera and 1 Smart Fortwo ED, leading to a meagre EV share of 0,005%. Add these to the ones sold last year (11 Peugeot iOn, 8 Opel Ampera, 2 Citröen C-Zero and one Nissan Leaf), and we have a total of...33 units. My guess is that most of them are in Warsaw or Krakow, as is the case in most euro countries, where electric cars concentrate in the country capital or large cities with a large university population.

    I think the future of EV's will depend a lot of their success in Asia and North America, with GM (2nd gen Volt), Nissan (2nd gen Leaf) and Toyota (New Prius Plug-In) acting as major players, Tesla as a dark horse beating the odds, followed by Ford, Mitsubishi, Renault and BMW in more secondary roles. And let's not forget possible surprises from the chinese and indian brands...

    1. I have found a little bit different data about Poland (from 2012). Maybe it would be helpfull.

      1st half 2012: 17 EV's
      1st half 2011: 27 EV's

      Biggest sales (up to 1st half 2012):
      Renault 12 Kangoo's
      Peugeot 7 iOn's
      Ford 5
      Citroen 2
      Mitsu 1

    2. Thanks for the additional data, interesting numbers of the Kangoo ZE.

    3. I've search a little deeper and found data about full year 2012 in Poland (diffrent then yours). Total sale 36 units. Most of them i-Miev and iOn.

      Renault in Poland sold total 12 units (source doesn't mention which).

      I'm also sure that at least one twizy is sold this year (2013) in Poland.

      I wonder how this statistics are so different? I suppose some statistics doesn't count Twizy as a car, and for others Kangoo is a truck.

  4. The 12 Renault's are Kangoo's ZE.

    I've checked my sources regarding official Renault Twizy sales and there's no reference to Poland until June 2013, what could have happened is that someone imported a Twizy from elsewhere, Germany maybe, and then registered it with a polish nameplate. The same thing happens in other models, some sources count imports, others (like mine) don't. And in some cases imports have big numbers, for example in Norway there were some 2.300 Leaf's registered this year, but if we also count imported Leaf's, the number goes up to some 2.700 units.

    If it's hard to get passenger cars data, but it's even harder to get data from LCV's (Trucks), that's why in some countries, like Germany or Switzerland i don't feature the Kangoo ZE on the charts despite knowing that they are being sold there. That's why i didn't had the sales numbers of the Kangoo ZE in Poland. Thanks for the data input, by the way, if you have other data regarding EV's, please don't hesitate to share with us. Cheers.

    1. Here you can read:

      "Renault Alcar from Olsztyn releases first Renault Twizy bought in Poland"

      The rest of the article is about buyer. That's why i told you 1 twizy is already sold in Poland.

    2. It looks like Renault missed that one on the Renault Twizy monthly report, i've updated the polish chart with that one, thanks!