Saturday, January 18, 2014

Australia December 2013

Easy win for Nissan in Australia

Baby Step Edition

Like in the UK and other countries, the complete Australian sales data is only available every Quarter of the Year,  so now i can post the full year EV sales there.

With 304 sales in 2013, plug in sales increased 17% regarding '12, which lead the EV share to increase 0,013% to 0,036%. It's a marginal growth compared with other markets, but the aussie EV market is still in its infancy.

Proof of that is that the Nissan Leaf was #1 with 188 units sold, more than doubling what it had sold during the 12 months of 2012, thanks to lower prices (Now under 40.000$) and Nissan's recent will to sell them

In second was the Holden Volt with 101 units sold, failing to reach the Leaf's top spot, but selling 21 more cars than last year.

Finally, in third and now withdrawn from the market, the Mitsu I-Miev closes the podium with 15 units.

Regarding '14, i think sales will almost double, the Leaf will climb to some 300 sales/year, the Volt might see a small sales decrease, which will be compensated by sales from two new players coming this year, the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3, the first has what it takes to be successful here and the second has been receiving positive reviews from the demanding Australian journalists, so i'm counting with 100 sales for each.

Nissan Leaf18878
Holden Volt10180
Mitsubishi I-Miev e)1595

e) - Estimate



  1. Where can I find a reliable sourced for this information?

    1. Unfortunately there are no regular, reliable source.