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China December 2013

Chery QQ3 EV repeated the Best Selling EV title it had won in '12

Nothing New Edition

We all now it's hard to get accurate data from the chinese EV market, but after getting some data about this market, i can now give a approximate ranking of the fourth largest plug-in market in the World.

Sales mounted to 17.642 units in 2013, which represented a 38% increase over the last year, when sales reached 12.791 units.

Based on certified data and past performances, the presumed Top 5 almost exactly like last years ranking, with the only change being the rise of the BAIC E150 EV to #5.

The Chery QQ3 EV kept its #1 by a great margin, selling roughly the same as last year, followed by the JAC J3 EV in #2, which also sold almost the same as in '12.

Next we have the BYD offerings, with the e6 in third with 1.544 sales and the now-deceased F3 DM in #4, with 1.005 units.

The only change is in #5, where the BAIC E150 EV profited from a bad performance from Zotye TD100 EV, to climb one position and feature on this Top 5.

By brands, Chery keeps on dominating the ranking with 28% share, followed by BYD with 15% and JAC with 14%.

Trying to see the future in the tea leaves, i guess that the new BYD baby, the Qin, will finally dethrone Chery from the pedestal, BYD predicts 2.000 sales/month, but if they can get half of that it would a good performance and also enough to win the Best Seller title.

Also of interest, the new Venucia e30 / Morning Wind (Morning what?!?) will have a word to say here, but with Nissan/Venucia predicting yearly sales of  just 1.000 units, it can only aspire to feature on the Top 5 ranking, without disturbing Chery or BYD.

As for foreign brands, even if they venture into selling EV's in China (And they will) the numbers should only be enough to aspire at the lower place in the podium.

With all this taken into account, i see sales reach some 25.000 units at the end of 2014, still not the boom people expect, but a steady growth nevertheless.

1Chery QQ3 EV (e)5.000
2JAC J3 EV (e)2.500
3BYD e61.544
4BYD F3 DM1.005
5BAIC E150 EV710

(e) - Estimate

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