Monday, January 4, 2016

Blog Tip (Updated)

Ever wondered how 0 kms Model S end up in countries where Tesla isn't officially represented, like Russia, Romania or Portugal?

Wonder no more, On the Road with Tesla follows one of these cars, in it we see a Model S buyer endeavor, from the website configuration, passing through the Tilburg delivery, to the current status of getting a number plate in Portugal. 

It will be interesting to see how it will develop, the moment it is finally allowed to go on public roads, first impressions, reliability, and for me a very interesting point will be this, how do you service a car that has no nearby service centers? Mmmm...

An important feature, is in English.


There is a mirror blog of this, also named On the Road with Tesla, but on a different server, (well) written by the wife of this Tesla-owner, documenting their sometimes strange life, like travels searching for superchargers, talking with the random Model S owner, besides other ev-like quirks.

In a way, it reminds what Penny from The Big Bang Theory would write about Sheldon Cooper, Leonard and the rest of the pack, if they were Tesla-fans...

Really interesting, even for people that aren't EV-nerds do not know what a Tesla is.


  1. I always wondered how at >10 Model Ses got to Ireland.

    Speaking of which. Happy New Year, man! I swear, I wasn't on that bad of a bender that I blanked out for nearly a week. Maybe the one on was.

    I waited a while for this! Time for a year's review.

    December was... odd but not mad.
    2 plug-ins (0.58% of total market share)

    1 Nissan Leaf - which made 9,09% of Nissans sold in December.
    1 VW GTE - the only Golf sold in December.

    Anyway, Jose. Lets not forget our guesses we made last year. You said 600, I said 587. What now, Charlie Brown?

    1. 588 units in 2015 for Ireland. Not Bad...You almost won the lottery! :-D

  2. Thank you for your tip! Appreciated! :-)

  3. how do you service a car that has no nearby service centers? Mmmm...

    answer: do like most owners of conventional vehicles do: take it every were except official dealerships/workshops.

    Plenty of suitable ones able to work on TESLA: Bosch Car Service just to name one