Monday, October 17, 2016

China New Models - September 2016

This month we had none other than seven (BMW 740e, Haima Aishang EV, Hautai XEV260, Leahead I1, Maidi I3, Soueast Lingzhi V5 EV and Yema E70) new models(!), showing and writing on all  these models would take too much time, so here's an introduction to the most interesting ones:

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BMW 740e - With the Tesla Model S and the local Roewe e950 gaining traction, both in September registered more than 1.000 units, it is proven that there is a market for plug-in large sedans, so the second most successful foreign manufacturer, BMW, launched its new and promising 740e in China, having registered 15 units, a good sign that it will trounce the Merc S500e and Porsche Panamera PHEV sales (This year they had around 60 units...Combined), but don't get your hopes up too much, if the German model reaches 100 units/month, it will be considered a success. 

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Hautai XEV260 - This striking Crossover, somewhere between a Nissan Qashqai and Rogue, is the brand's offering for the EV market, despite having landed with small numbers (13 units), Hautai has big ambitions for it, inclusively with exporting objectives. How high can it go? It will depend more on the maker will to produce and promote it, than anything else, as plug-ins and SUV's/Crossovers currently are all the rage in China.

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Yema E70 - Another Electric SUV, this time from Yema and based on the regular T70 ICE model, an Audi Q5-sized SUV. With  some 250 kms range, 160 hp and good looks (The original VW Touareg is always a good source for inspiration...), this model can go much higher than the 122 units registered right now, Top 20 maybe?

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