Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Belgium March 2018

Resultado de imagem para 2018 Model S

Tesla Model S #1 in March

A total of 1.406 passenger Plug-ins were registered last month in Belgium, up 1% YoY, while the YTD count has a more positive balance (+25%), keeping the PEV Share at 2.4%.

Looking at the Best Selling models, in March the Tesla Model S was the #1, with 146 units,  the nameplate best result in two years, allowing it to jump five positions into #9 (Its sibling Model X also jumped to #15), while the BMW i3 registered 91 units, a new record for the hot hatch, pulling it to #8. And these were the good news for BEVs...In a sea of PHEVs.

Adding insult to injury, the #17 BMW 740e is outselling the Renault Zoe (#18) and Nissan Leaf (#19), the current two Best Selling PEVs in Europe...Strange, isn't it?

Elsewhere, BMW had two models breaking into the three digit area last month, with the X5 PHEV registering 131 units (Best result in 9 months) and the 530e doing 129 deliveries (A new personal best), with the SUV climbing to Third in the 2018 ranking, and the sedan jumping to #4.

The Porsche Panamera PHEV continues to impress, with 111 units in March, while the Audi Q7 e-Tron had its best result in 10 months, with 57 deliveries.

In the manufacturers ranking, last year winner BMW proofited from the general good performance from its lineup to increase the leadership lead, to 31% share (Up 6%), while Volvo (14%, down 1%) and Mercedes (13%, down 3%) are running for Silver, and Volkswagen is Fourth, with 10%.


  1. Regarding the opening sentence: 4028 is the YTD number unfortunately, not the one for this month (1406 according to your table)