Wednesday, April 4, 2018

China Buses 2017

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With Chinese brands and market responsible for more than 95% of the global BEV Buses market, basically speaking of eBuses is synonymous with the Chinese market, and 2017 was no exception, below you will find the Best Selling eBuses brands last year.

Electric Buses Sales in China




Sales were down 23% to 90.000 units, mainly due to changes to electric bus subsidies, which lead to a market concentration, as both market leaders, Yutong and BYD, increased their sales, despite the significant overall sales drop. 

This concentration should be positive in the long run, as it will create larger-scale plug-in manufacturers (BYD), and promote the electrification of ICE-based lineups (Yutong), which will accelerate the transition in this vehicle category.

And let's be clear, with the largest non-Chinese eBus OEMs being Volvo and Proterra, both selling last year in the low hundreds, a swift global transition will only happen if Chinese manufacturers go global, as BYD is doing right now, the Shenzhen-based brand is already the largest eBus supplier outside China, with factories in operation or expected to become online soon in every Continent. 


  1. Just to add that there's Yutong presence in Bulgaria and it's significant but currently it's almost entirely made up of natural gas buses. With 30 electric busses being announced for acquisition in 2018.

    1. Great, thanks for the input!

      BTW, do you know of any source where i can get the Bulgaria EV numbers?


      This is the data for automobiles, Пътни Превозни Средства. The problem is there's not a clear split of new vehicles vs old vehicles by month and presented by brand and model. Tough the agency that handles that has it in their database.

    3. Looking at the data and stories like this:

      That support the second to last column here being Electric or Hydrogen in this table:

      I think March may have indeed had 50 EVs registered.35 of them were for an electric carpooling service. However the issue of separating new and old vehicles remains.

  2. And compare that to the record busfleet of Europe that went in service in the Netherlands this month, a mere 100 busses...

  3. What about the Polish company Solaris making electric busses?

    1. Solaris was the third largest (Non-Chinese) eBus maker last year.

  4. Jose, FYI, Kandi Technologies in their recent 1Q reported Q1 18 EV sales of 3,295 which would have put them #11 on your March China List year to date. As the CEO reported on the recent CC, while KNDI does not report monthly numbers (only quarterly), the China numbers reported by the media which showed KNDI with no sales in any of the first three months giving a false impression, but also giving you bad info for your blog. In fact when you posted the China March sales with KNDI showing none, its stock took a large drop. I don't know what the right solution is for you and your blog, but perhaps you can add KNDI's 3295 in the YTD column and footnote that it does not report monthly.

    1. Hi Arthur, Kandi is not just one model, it's four, and it's not correct to show all of them together, when others have them broken down by models.

      Some brands like to do this (JAC, Chery, etc), but because of what i said earlier, i try to break their sales by model, something i also do with Kandi.

      That is the reason why they do not show on the Top 20, because those 3k sales are divided among the K12/K17/K10/K11 models.

      Maybe i have the wrong breakdown between models, but because Kandi does not show data on that level, i cannot have a better view of what is going on.