Saturday, March 31, 2018

Global Top 10 February 2018

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Models: Nissan Leaf Surges

Registrations grew 43% in February, to some 81.000 units, placing the YTD numbers at 163.000 units (+65% YoY), with the Chinese models being responsible for 38% of all deliveries, currently the global PEV share stands at 1.1% share, which makes the prospect that this year the global PEV market could reach the two million units (and over 2% share) all the more realistic. 

This month it was all about the new Nissan Leaf, with the Second Generation of the Japanese hatchback landing in dealerships in North America and Europe, deliveries surged (+42% regarding January, +48% YoY), and with a five-digit long waiting list, expect registrations to continue increasing, with March set to surpass the 10.000 units. Unless the leader BAIC EC-Series pulls out a 10k-plus result (It wouldn't be the first time), we should see the Leaf reach the global leadership next month.

As for the remaining Top 10, there were two significant changes, the BYD Song PHEV jumped to Third Place, while the Prius PHEV also climbed to Fourth.

The lower two places have two new customers, with the Renault Zoe returning to the Top 10 in Ninth and a fresh face showing up in #10: After a close race with the VW e-Golf, the Tesla Model 3 finally made its first appearance among the global best sellers. The first of many, i would say.

Looking at the BEV / PHEV breakdown, there were no changes in February, pure electrics stand at 56%, expect this score to be constantly improved throughout the year, maybe to levels above the 65% share of 2017. 

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BYD Song PHEV: The brand new Best Seller

Manufacturers:  BYD returns to #1

The "Three B's" continue to monopolize the podium, but this time BYD switched positions with BAIC, with the Shenzhen brand returning to the leadership, and the Beijing manufacturer going down to Third, due to a low 4.446 deliveries, its worst performance in 12 months.

Just outside the podium, Nissan jumped three spots and displaced Tesla, to reach Fourth Place, thanks to 6.520 deliveries, the brand best result in 11 months. Expect the Japanese manufacturer to catch the "B Trio" soon, probably in March. 

Looking elsewhere, Toyota climbed to Eighth and Renault returned to the Top 10, after surpassing Chevrolet (#11, 5.792 units) and Volvo (#12, 5.074).


  1. Feb's 80,966 is slightly less than Jan's 82,240, but given only 28 days and China's New Year Holiday this is still very high and nice to see Nissan Leaf storming into 1st place.

    Wow, Tesla Model-3 appears in Top-10 with Tesla in Top-5 in just 2 months and quarter ending month yet to come.

  2. As Tesla Model 3 only have been delivered in US and Tesla never gives out delivery number for US it’s only an estimate, we have to wait a few more days until we know Q1 deliveries for Model 3.

  3. The Chinese have invested heavily in electric cars and if they decide to promote them globally at attractive prices we will see major upheavals in the ranking boards. For the time being, we expect a major overturn of NISSAN and TESLA will be on the upside.

  4. So, Tesla is planning to make 20 000 Tesla 3 per mounth. Can you imagine these numbers there?)

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  6. Why not show the Tesla Model S and X in the top 10 ? That's weird..

    1. Because they haven't delivered enough units...But don't worry, Both will show up in March.

      On the other hand, the Model 3 might not...

    2. So already now you need to deliver around 3000 per month to reach top 10? That I don't have anything against, just show that the market is growing fast. Model 3 shouldn't have any problem to get back in top 10.