Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Canada January 2018 & February Preview

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Outlander PHEV lands with a bang

In a market now north of the 1% threshold (1.1%), the big news early this year in Canada was the thundering arrival of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, with 174 units in its first full sales month, placing itself immediately behind the Chevrolet Best Sellers, the Volt (226 units) and Bolt (187). Will the Japanese SUV disrupt this market and end Chevy's domination? Well, in a SUV-loving territory, like this one...But more on this below.

Other important performances occurred in the Top 10, with the irregular Chrysler Pacifica PHEV having a positive start of the year, in Fourth, with 103 deliveries, while the Honda Clarity PHEV is replicating in Canada the good performance it is having South of the border, with 76 registrations in its first full sales month. 

Looking into February preliminary results, we have the Chevrolets in cruise speed (Volt - 305 units, Bolt - 180), while the Outlander PHEV continues to impress, clocking 230 registrations and stealing February's Silver Medal from the Bolt's hands, all while the Prius Prime and VW e-Golf have beaten their sales records, with the first registering 135 units, and the second 180(!). Finally the new Leaf landed with an impressive 179 units.

With the Outlander PHEV and Clarity PHEV brilliant landings, the new Leaf coming in,  and extended availability of the Prius Prime and e-Golf, it seems this market is going to beat all expectations this year.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Chevrolet (31%) is stable at the Throne, keeping Mitsubishi (13%) miles behind.

In Third Place we have Chrysler, with 8% share, doing its best to save its Bronze Medal from Volkswagen (7%), Tesla (6%), Hyundai (Also 6%) and Honda (ditto).

Source: Green Car Reports


  1. I predict we will reach 2% this year, when the Model 3 arrives and when the LEAF will be available everywhere.

    1. Could be, the second half of the year should see some exponential growth.

  2. When do you think you will have official Feb numbers for Canada?

    1. For Canada, you can specifically follow this page: it is updated at the beginning of each month. Registration data not provided at the beginning of the month by the manufacturer are then available one month later.