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Portugal February 2018

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Renault Zoe: An increasingly common sight in Lisbon

Renault Zoe Superstar 

PEV Sales continue on the rise in Portugal, with sales in 2018 up 169% YoY, to 920 units, and the Plug-in Share at a record 2.6%, there's good reasons to be optimistic and even hope for a 3-4% share by year end.

Looking at the fuels mix, this market was (is) known for its diesel-addiction, due to an unbalanced taxation between gasoline (heavily taxed) and diesel (not so), but even here, there are historic times, with diesel sales down 10%, in a growing market (+4%), leading to a share drop of 9%, from 64% a year ago, to the current 55%. At this rate, diesel sales will be dead in Portugal by 2024... 

The diesel demise is the gain of every other fuel, regular gasoline powered cars are up 23% YoY, HEVs are growing 55%, LPG is up 80%, while BEVs are jumping 94%, to 1.1% share, and PHEVs are shooting three-fold, now holding 1.5% of the total market, making them responsible for 56% of the total PEV market. Considering this once was BEV turf, it is sad to see another market favour Plug-in hybrids over all-electric vehicles, but hey, growth is growth, right? 

Moving on, after years of underwelming performances, the Renault Zoe finally lived up to expectations in 2017, winning last year Best Seller trophy, its first, and 2018 is going the same way, with the Frech hatchback delivering 144 units in February, a new absolute record for any single model in this market, contributing to the fact that 1 in 4 passenger PEVs registered in Portugal this year is a Zoe...

Kudos for the local Renault importer for believing in its electric supermini sales potential. Then again, their lead is said to be short-lived, as rumours say that Nissan already has some 800-900 orders for its new Leaf waiting to be delivered...

The following places are in the hands of company-car friendly cars, while the BMW i3 is in a surprisingly low place, in Ninth. Lack of demand or not enough units to deliver?

As for BMW Plug-in hybrids, they continue to flourish ,with the 530e in Second Place, being also the best selling PHEV, while the 330e is now #4 and the 225xe Active Tourer is #6.

Confirming BMW's good moment here, the Mini Countryman PHEV is also among the best sellers, in #6.

Looking below, the Passat GTE is the best selling Volkswagen, in #12, while the e-Golf is in an unusually low #19. The local importer needs to focus more on Plug-ins and then getting enough units from the Mothership...

In the manufacturers ranking, Renault (24%) is slightly ahead of last year winner BMW (23%), while Mercedes (14%) is a comfortable Third, ahead of Smart (9%).

Source: ACAP

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  1. Nissan reported 3,766 Leaf sales in Europe for February.
    But I see only significant numbers in Norway, are they mostly in the UK?