Monday, March 26, 2018

Italy February 2018

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Panamera PHEV: Hot Seller in Italy

Smart Fortwo Jumps to #1 

The Italian PEV market is increasing the pace, in February sales were up 82%, to 490 units, pulling the YTD tally to 1060 units (+61% YoY), although the 2018 PEV share is still at a low 0.3%. 

While growth is always good, especially in a low share market like this one, it is sad to see that this previously BEV-predominant market, now has PHEVs (52% share) outselling all-electric vehicles. 

Lack of charging infrastructure?

Nevertheless, the big splash this year is coming from a BEV, with the Smart Fortwo ED being responsible for 1 out of 4 registrations this year, and delivering more units in two months, than in the whole year of 2017.

The other headlining change was the Porsche Panamera PHEV jumping from an already impressive #11 in 2017, to Second Place(!) this year, an amazing feat for the six-figure priced car, making it the highest standing for the Second Generation Porsche Sports Sedan, anywhere.

Another surprising performance comes from the Hyundai Ioniq PHEV, #8 this year and the first time a model from the Korean brand sells in significant volumes here.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Smart is now in the lead, with 26% share, overcoming last year leader BMW (15%), in Second Place, while Mercedes (8%) is looking to keep its podium place from the hands of Porsche (7%). 


  1. I think the new NISSAN LEAF will outperform most of the markets in Europe, also the SMART FORTWO electric is a very smart choice for the big cities and with a little more autonomy could have an excellent course, of course the whole package is accompanied by grinding the price towards below.

    1. The indications i have been collecting is that the Leaf will have record sales throughout the World in March, expect over 10000 units globally and almost 2000 in Norway alone...

      March will be Leaf Madness. :)

    2. Really impressive numbers. Keep up the very good job you do.

  2. Hey Jose.

    Can you make a piece about Turkey?
    Is the PEV share still as irrelevant as it was over a year ago when you last published something about it?

    1. Unfortunately, yes. It's still a drop in the ocean, like low two digits. Basically it's only Renault and BMW. But maybe around June i will make a post regarding Turkey. Stay tuned!