Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Norway February 2018

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How many thousands are waiting for these in Norway?...

New Leaf lands with a bang 

After a weak start of the year, the Norwegian plug-in market returned to positive performances, registering 4.447 units (44% share), up 14% YoY.

The electrification effort is visible in the overall fuels share in February, where BEVs register 22% share (It was 16% a year ago), and PHEVs 22%, with diesel-powered cars scoring a low 21% share (It was 27% twelve months ago), not only below plug-ins, but also behind regular gas cars (23% share), with the remainder (12%) going to regular HEVs.

Looking at February Top Sellers, it was all about the new Nissan Leaf, scoring the nameplate's best performance ever, with 781 units in its first full sales month, which bodes well for the Japanese hatchback career. 

In Third Place we had a surprise, with the Volvo S/V90 PHEV twins scoring a record 396 units.

1Nissan Leaf781
2Volkswagen e-Golf472
3Volvo S/V90 PHEV396
4BMW i3
5Mit. Outlander PHEV241

Looking at the YTD ranking, the most important news were the Nissan Leaf surging to podium (Will we see it in the leadership by March?), while the Volvo S/V90 PHEV climbed to Fourth.

Another model on the rise is the Mercedes GLC350e, that thanks to 218 units delivered last month (Best result in 5 months), it jumped to #10.

In the manufacturers ranking, BMW (19%) and Volkswagen (18%) are running for the leadership, while the Third Placed Volvo (14%) is on the lookout to join the race.

Source: elbil.no; ofvas.no

Models breakdown by Fuel Source

1Nissan Leaf781
2VW e-Golf472
3Volvo S/V90 PHEV396
4BMW i3377
Toyota Yaris
Toyota RAV4
Skoda Octavia
Mit. Outlander PHEV
Mercedes GLC350e
BMW 225xe A Tourer

With 44% PEV share, the general market is being flodded by electrified models, breaking down sales by fuel source, we have three BEVs, two HEVs, four PHEVs and only one ICE model.

This month the best seller was the new Nissan Leaf, scoring 781 units in its landing month, with the remaining podium places being occupied by the two other plug-ins (e-Golf and S/V90 PHEV), with the best selling model without a plug (Toyota Yaris) being only Fifth.

Four other plug-ins (#4 BMW i3, #8 Outlander PHEV, #9 Mercedes GLC350e and #10 BMW 225xe AT) follow, with the only ICE model (Skoda Octavia) in Seventh.

Interestingly, Toyota hybrids seem to be suffering, with sales plunging to half of what they had in 2016. Are the e-Golf and the new Nissan Leaf already making victims among their unplugged competitors?

After September having been the first fully electrified Top 10 month ever, will we see the same happening in March? I wouldn't bet against it.


  1. Jose, great work as usual. Just not sure why you highlight Toyota's "issue" without anything said regarding Mr. Musk's car sales (or lack thereof).

    1. The current low performance of Tesla in Norway can be explained by the sales peak of Q4 2017, when rumours mentioned the possibility of a "Tesla Tax", leading to an antecipation of many orders.

      Having said that, Tesla's general poor performance in Europe this year has a different, endogenous explanation: They are focused on the Tesla Model 3 production, keeping the Model S/X output in the backseat.

      This can't go on forever, so either they pull a great March month, continuing with the Model 3 ramp up without compromising the S/X production, or the stock market can start to be nervous about Tesla's ability to deliver their promises...

      Let's wait and see what happens then, April should give some answers.

  2. What is happenning with Tesla...it seems to be a strange trimester. We are the 3rd month, we should see sales really high in Norway, but it not the case so far: http://elbilstatistikk.no/

    1. The new Leaf is selling well. 290 in 6 days of March so far, looks like it will be a 1000+ month for them.

    2. BenedictusMarch 07, 2018

      Actually the number is 261, the others are import registrations so no new registrations. Great to see Nissan deliver so many, so fast.

  3. e-Golf- different figures 472 or 209?

  4. BenedictusMarch 16, 2018

    Halfway march the Leaf has already sold more than all of february. Number 1 for the rest of the year probably. Good stuff by Nissan and the Norwegians.