Monday, March 5, 2018

Spain February 2018

Zoe is #1, while Diesel is skydiving

Despite the lack of incentives, the PEV market in Spain is as hot as ever, up 124% to 712 units in February, pulling the yearly tally to 1.436 units, with the PEV Share at a record 0.7%.

Interestingly, the mainstream market is showing some seismic changes, with Diesel sales down to just 38% of the sales mix, while HEVs+PEVs are already at 5.5%, this is another market where Diesel sales are free falling, on the back of city bans announcements and other context variables. Also in Spain, a diesel-free market by 2025 starts to look just a tad more realistic...

The Renault Zoe was once again Number One on February, with 106 deliveries, doubling sales of the #2 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Good month also for the BMW i3, scoring 59 registrations, 9 of them being Rex units, while the Smart Forfour ED registered a personal best of 51 deliveries, and the Kia Niro PHEV stormed through the ranking, reaching #25, thanks to 45 deliveries, in its first real sales month in Spanish lands.

Moving on, the Mini Countryman PHEV here too confirms the success across Southern Europe, being the Fifth Placed, while the landing of the new Leaf happened last month, with 44 units, the nameplate's best performance in five months, pulling it to #6 already, but as availability increases, expect the Japanese hatchback to quickly rise to the podium and question the Renault Zoe leadership. 

Also with a positive month was the VW Passat GTE, thanks to 26 deliveries, its best performance in 23 months, allowing it to climb to #12.

On the manufacturers ranking, Renault (15%) is in the lead,  followed at a safe distance by Smart (12%), while the Third Place is being hardly fought by Mitsubishi, BMW (Both with 11%) and Volkswagen (10%), with the last place of the podium currently belonging to BMW.


  1. "November 2017"? I know these are February 2018 numbers

  2. Hi Jose.

    We have the january data.

    Tomorrow the february.

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  3. Great news, i was missing your reports!