Monday, May 25, 2020

Austria April 2020

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Tesla Shines in Austria

The Austrian plug-in sales are up 17% this year, to some 4.400 new plugins, placing the PEV Share in record heights (6,8% this year, with April hitting 7,5%). 

Interestingly, this market is known to be a BEV-friendly market, with all-electric cars usually representing over 70% of plugin sales, but this year plugin hybrids are growing faster (+119%!), compensating the pandemic-induced BEV drop (-4% YoY), which is allowing plugin hybrids to have 33% of all sales. 

After a brilliant March, when the Tesla Model 3 was the Best Seller in the overall market, in April the sports sedan had its best off peak month so far, with 227 deliveries, allowing it to be #7 in the overall market.

The PHEV title race looks interesting, with the #3 BMW X5 PHEV leading, with 200 units, but with the #5 Porsche Cayenne PHEV and #6 BMW 530e (96 units in April, a new record) less than 30 units behind, the big Beemer will have a tough task ahead.

Outside the Top 10, a reference to the 36 units of the Kia Niro EV, that should join the table soon.

In the manufacturers ranking, the race is pretty close, Tesla is ahead, with 20% share, followed by BMW (14%), with Renault (12%) closing the podium.

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