Thursday, May 7, 2020

Ireland April 2020

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18% Share! *

* In Covid-hit market

Due to the pandemic-related lockdown, April registered just 61 plugins, representing a 85% drop, but because the overall market fared even worse (-96%!), last month plugin share reached a record 18% share, pulling (slightly) the 2020 PEV share to 5.5%, above the 4% score of 2019.

Of course, these numbers have more to do with logistic issues than anything else, but still, it is good to see that plugins are resisting the storm (slightly) better than the overall market, a trend that is being replicated in many other markets.

The 2020 title is now a three horse race, with the Nissan Leaf trying to resist the pace of the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Kona EV, while on the second half of the table, the #12 BMW X5 PHEV is on the rise, having climbed 5 spots since last January, having surpassed its stablemate BMW i3, that is now in #13, when 12 months ago, it was #6...Is the Mini Cooper EV (#21, with 21 units) stealing its thunder?

Another model underperforming is the Renault Zoe, #16 now, when a year ago it was #5...Allocation issues? Falling demand? Mmmm…

On the other hand, the Audi e-Tron is on the rise, now in #15, when in April of last year, it was #20. Expect Audi's crossover to continue slowly climbing in the table, once the Sportback body lands in the Emerald Island.

Outside the Top 20, besides the aforementioned Mini Cooper EV, a reference also to the Peugeot 208 EV, just 5 units behind the #20 Range Rover PHEV, so we could see soon two more BEVs in the Top 20, which would make 12 fully electric models in total...Fingers crossed!

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, the race is tight, with several candidates to the title, with Kia (18%) ahead, followed by Hyundai (16%), Nissan (15%), BMW (14%) and Tesla (14%), making Ireland one of the most interesting plugin markets to follow, as both the Models and Manufacturers titles have several candidates.


  1. Do numbers in other European markets also look like that in April? I guess that's an occasion to cover some of the more "sporadic" markets, since we won't really be seeing anything interesting for those that were covered in March...

    1. Most of them, yes.

      thanks for the idea, will have that in mind.

  2. How did the Model 3 end last year? Did it make more of an impact in December than last month?...

    1. It was 3rd. I believe that due to the late introduction, pent-up demand still lasted until this year.

    2. At least by now, the Leaf still manages to sell reasonably in this market.

    3. Nissan did a great job in a number of 2nd line countries in Europe, in Ireland, along with Portugal, Hungary and a couple of others, Nissan started the EV Revolution in those countries and now, the Nissan Leaf is now synonym with "electric vehicle" there.

  3. José, due to the 6-months cycle in UK and Ireland, monthly sales numbers don't make much(any) sense to non residents of these countries.

    Could you just make half yearly reports for these two? Leaving individual monthly numbers out of them?