Sunday, January 13, 2013

Czech Republic Full Year 2012

Speaking of unexpected places, sometimes EV sales come from where you least expect like is the case of Estonia or Israel.

EV sales in the Czech Republic isn't that unexpected, but it isn't also one of the first countries that comes to mind when you think of electric cars, but it has a small one.

With only 98 units sold this year, the EV phenomenon is still in its infancy, but it could grow significantly in the next years, especially if local manufacturer Skoda joins the Plug-In offensive that their VW bosses are planning in the next two to three years. For now, the I-Miev family dominates thanks to their Peugeot and Citröen sisters, respectably #1 and #2 in the ranking.

Czech Rep. YTD %
Peugeot iOn 52 53
Citröen C-Zero 26 27
Opel Ampera 9 9
Skoda Octavia EV 10 10
Fisker Karma 1 1
TOTAL 98 100



  1. My source:

    gives slightly different numbers:
    Skoda Octavia EV only 1 unit. Ampera 9. Rest is the same. Total sales 89.

  2. I've corrected the numbers of the Opel Ampera, as for the Octavia EV, the correct number is 10 units, as demonstrated here:

    Thanks for the link, it enabled for me to complete the database and see that EV's were already there before 2012.