Friday, January 23, 2015

Czech Republic December 2014

"It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it"
BMW's Turf (Or is it?...)

The Czech Republic EV Market recovered in 2014, with 71 units, but it is still behind 2012, that with 98 registrations is still the Best Selling year.

In 2014 it looked that only BMW had some interest in this market, holding 96% of the market, but there are two unknown variables in this market, VW and especially Mitsubishi, as the numbers available don't brake data by fuel source, one wonders how big are these two in the market...

Looking at what we've got, the little i3 sold 58 units, beating the record held by the Peugeot iOn, which sold 52 units back in 2012, but the real surprise was the larger BMW i8, selling 10 units over the year, five of them in December, making it the monthly Best-Seller!

Czech Rep.20142013
BMW i3583
BMW i810N/A
Opel Ampera32

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