Thursday, January 8, 2015

December Preview - France, Canada and Norway

Norway, the (only) place where the e-Golf has some proper lovin' 

France - Zoe Shines, Tesla finally shows on radar

PlModelDec. Sales  
1Renault Zoe1.228
2Renault Kangoo ZE 337
3Nissan Leaf129
3Bolloré Blue Car100
5Tesla Model S 86

Canada - Tesla Month?

Tesla Model S e)
2Nissan Leaf 64
3Chevrolet Volt62

Norway - Despite Model S and e-Golf attacks, the Leaf holds on to #1 .

PlModelDec. Sales  
1Nissan Leaf353
2Tesla Model S266
3VW e-Golf263
4VW e-Up!187
5Kia Soul EV122

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