Tuesday, December 8, 2015

EV Volumes Is Born

Over these three years, many people have requested a more complete and corporate-friendly version of EV Sales, with some nice graphics and in-depth analysis, to meet the demand of business-minded needs, a recurring problem, as services given by established companies have left much to be desired.

After several months of preparation, we (Me, Roland and Viktor) are proud to launch EV Volumes.com, the corporate brother of EV Sales!

EVV is not meant to replace EV Sales, but will be complementary to it, the early data will appear always in EVS, and a few weeks later it will have a more professional treatment in EV Volumes, like in this case.

To have an easy understanding of  how each of these websites will be positioned, EV Volumes will be the LinkedIn version of EV Sales "Facebook" account. 

This new endeavor will also help me go full time on this business and with that, track (even) more EV markets in the globe, so the success of  EVV will also mean that EV Sales may go on until 2040, the time when gas-powered cars will have become obsolete.

If you wish to know more, please send us an email to Info@EV-volumes.com


  1. Nice! Congratulations Jose et al.

    Can I make a request, now that perhaps you'll have more man-hours to track EV sales?

    Can you start tracking and posting e-Bus sales/deliveries as well?

    IMHO e-Buses are right now the most important sector EVs from a global-warming perspective. China is clearly the world leader, but it's hard to get actual real-time numbers from there. It's also hard to follow the worldwide picture.

    Thank you and good luck!


    1. Good idea!! would be very interesting for me too!
      I am always wondering how Busses do worldwide :-)

  2. Congratulations and good luck with your new venture.

  3. Thanks!

    Regarding e-buses, i am working on something along the lines of what you mentioned, but it will probably be published first in another website.

  4. The address is www.ev-volumes.com, but all your info and graphics say EVvolumes.com without the "-". So the least you could do is to buy the domain www.evvolumes.com or change the graphics and such to say EV-volumes.com instead. =)

    Otherwise it looks pretty good. Personally I would prefer more headers and air between information though to get a better overview. I'm also missing some kind of news/updated section to know when things get updated or added.

    I wish you luck and success =)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, we will look at your suggestions and make the necessary changes.

    2. Mikael, thank you, good feedback! we are currently registering the "evvolumes.com" as well. Will just point to the right server, and it should be up running soon.

      Also, some articles are updated with more space between sections. And from now on, all new articles will also have. Enjoy!

      Do you have any suggestion for how to make the News/Updated section?