Saturday, December 19, 2015

Looking for EV's - Saltspring Island (Canada)

During several discussions over the years i had regarding EV's, one of the recurring topics has been that EV's make (even) more sense in small islands / territories, especially in mild climates, where range anxiety / degradation isn't much of a concern.

As an example of these facts, here is a case study that one of our readers introduced me to, and something that i think could be replicated elsewhere, the territory in hand is Saltspring Island, a 183 km2 island between Vancouver and Victoria, in Canada's BC, where it is claimed to have one of the highest concentrations of pure electrics in the American Continent, with 61 EV's in a population of 10.000 inhabitants.  

Here are a couple of links to know more about this case study, where you will find some basic but important initiatives that ordinary people did to help EV owners, in the spirit of "Do to other as you wish them to do to you.": 

If you know more cases as the one described above, please communicate them to our email (, so more people know about it and benefit from the exchange of experiences between EV promoters.

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