Thursday, March 31, 2016

Markets Roundup February 2016

Renault Twizy in Colombia

Trends in the G8

- Tesla Model S and Volt II run for #1;

- Leaf surges to record levels in Japan, stirs local EV Market (0.97% vs 0.54% in '15);

- Outlander PHEV, King Of England, in moderate growth market (1.18% vs 1.07%);

- Zoe rules in France, e-Golf in Norway, both markets are in record levels (1.66% for FR, 27.68% in NO);

- Close race for the Top Spots in Germany;

- The Revenge of All-Electric Cars in The Netherlands, with the EV share crumbling from 9.6% to 1.5%;

- BYD goes interstellar in China.

Trends in other Markets

- Austria and Belgium surpass the 1% barrier;

- BMW i3 and Smart Fortwo ED lead Slovenia's growth (0.23% vs 0.18% in '15);

- Volvo XC90 PHEV pulls Finland's EV Share to new heights (1.24% vs 0.61%);

- BMW i3 excels in the Czech Republic;

- Renault Twizy success story continues in Colombia, with 18 new units in 2016.

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