Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Help Needed

Dear readers, as EV Sales grows, so does the need for more comprehensive and accurate data, on top of that, plug-ins are spreading to more and more countries and sometimes is difficult to detect and/or extract data from these new markets, so i'm calling for your help, if you can get EV sales data from the below markets, please send me an email (efeelblog@gmail.com), so that we can put them on the map and "Spread the Word". Your help can be anonymous if you want and will be greatly appreciated.
Micky has been doing a major effort reporting Austrian EV Sales in its My Ampera Blog, but PHEV's are still uncharted territory in that market, if anyone has data on Plug-in hybrids in Austria your help would be much appreciated :)


Data is available on some models, but lacking regular data on others, like the Nissan e-NV200 or  imports, etc, which prevents us from getting a full picture of the EV Scene;


One of EV Sales "Moby Dick's", there's regular data on global volumes from SMMT, but data from individual models is sparse and comes with several months delay, with this market growing by the day (It was the 6th largest this January), it becomes more and more important to know what is going on here.

There is some data regarding the Mahindra Reva E2O performance here, but it is not a regular source and it misses the rest of the electric market, now that the Indian market is seriously considering EV's, it would be great if we could start following this market.

South Korea
There isn't a regular source for data regarding this market, which is a shame considering there are several models selling there (Kia Soul EV, Samsung SM3 ZE, Chevrolet Spark EV, etc) and this is a market with great growth potential. If anyone has access to regular detailed data for South Korea, could you please contact me.


Another market with tremendous growth potential, where numbers still come randomly, which is a shame, now that sales are tripling, this should be one of the markets to follow more closely.

Hong Kong, Slovakia and Poland
There's only monthly data by dedicated models, if anyone has access to the full data, including ICE-based plug-ins, please contact me;

Other Markets that require data source:

Luxembourg, Romania, South Africa, Bulgaria, Brazil, Turkey, Costa Rica and Mexico


  1. For information about New Zealand EV sales try the team over at: drive@driveelectric.org.nz

  2. Here are more details about the Plugins/EVs sold in China. Please publish this.

    Jan - 16,100
    Feb - 19,635

    Subtract the 16,100 sold in Jan from the 35,735 (10,900 plugin + 24,835 EV) and you get 19,635