Friday, March 25, 2016

EAFO Is Live

Over the past months, i have cooperated in the making of the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, a portal which aims to include all the relevant information regarding Alternative Fuels in Europe, namely Electric Vehicles.

After a long time coming, it is with pride that we can announce that the website is now live!

There you will find information on registrations, infrastructure and incentives, among other topics, for the moment it is focused on electricity, but the goal is to expand information to hydrogen and Natural Gas in a later stage.

In fact, this is not the end of a journey, but the first stage, with time we aim to improve the quality and quantity of the information provided and help local entities (Governments, etc) to promote a more sustainable mobility to citizens. 

This endeavor also helps EV Sales, as the quality of sales data presented in the countries that are part of the EAFO project, will also help improve EV Sales data over time, especially in the case of a certain "Moby-Dick"...    ;)