Wednesday, March 16, 2016

China February 2016

The veteran BYD still has some aces up its sleeve

New Year Break

Although with incomplete data, we have nearly 9.000 EV's counted last month, a 77% increase over the same month last year, the largest holiday in China are the New Year festivities and it shows on the auto market, being usually the slowest sales month of the year, with EV's also following that rule, so from here on, it should be 5-digit sales all the way to December...

Looking at the models ranking, the BYD Tang SUV had a somewhat disappointing month in February, delivering only 2.098 units, its worst result in five months, something that might be explained by the unexpected good result of two other BYD models: The Qin went back to the 4-digit area (1.063 units), while the old boot e6 had a YoY three-fold jump to 1.105 units, proving once again that BYD is production constrained and can't put all their models at full speed at once.

The #2 BAIC E-Series, on the other proving to be rather consistent lately, selling for the third consecutive time at around 1.600 units (1.576 in February).

Looking at the Manufacturers ranking, BYD reigns supreme, with 42% share and four models in the Top 5, followed from a far by BAIC (15%) and Zotye (9%).

An interesting stat is the fact that PHEV's now have 41% of the plug-in market, a contrast with the 31% of last year, or the 10% of 2013.

PlModelJan - Feb
1BYD Tang6.110
2BAIC E-Series EV3.222
3BYD e61.791
4BYD Qin1.580
SAIC Roewe 550 PHEV



  1. BSCB post a different result For byd Tang.. 6000 seems to be the year to date result

    1. 6.110 units is the YTD result in BSCB, and also the same number here, as you can see in the table.

      2.098 is the Tang result in February, a number that conicides both here and on Matt's website.

  2. Jose, last month you reported 13,792 plug-in cars sold in China. CAAM finally released cum figures for 2016 through February, see here:

    I know the Chinese press translates pretty badly to English, it is common that they report cars when the figure is vehicles. Based on the 35,726 NEVs (includes heavy-duty vehicles), it seems last month you reported all NEVs, not just passenger cars. CAAM always is crystal clear about vehicles in general and passenger cars. Cheers


    Here you can find the 2016 02 data. It is in Chinese though.