Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Looking for EV's - Hong Kong and Macau

Tesla Model X in the Hong Kong narrow streets


Crossing the border from Shenzhen into Hong Kong is like leaving the alternate dimension that is the Chinese EV Market, but stepping into another that is still not quite ours, if in the other side of the border, all you saw were BYD cars, e6, Qin, Tang...Now we seemed to have crossed into some Tesla-addict reality, where Teslas were everywhere.

I mean, literally Everywhere. And not just the older Model S, even the recently arrived to HK Model X (P90D for the most part) was pretty common, this surprising landscape made me even increase significantly my estimates for Tesla deliveries in the territory, as not even Oslo has so many Teslas per square kilometer. 

Well, if there are so many Teslas coming from posh Mid-Town to crowd the downtown area, then the BMW i3 will surely be also common, right?

Not really, i only saw three units, which is kind of a paradox, if the hard-to-park Tesla yachts are a common sight in the crowded streets of the Territory, the Ideal-for-the-City-but-Still-Posh BMW i3 is something of a rarity. Go figure peoples tastes, right?

Beyond these two models, there wasn't much more to talk about, i saw a couple of Nissan Leaf and a Renault Fluence ZE(!). Yes, the French-Korean sedan still zooms the local streets which, considering the enormous amount of Teslas around, shouldn't be a surprise, as local buyers seem to have mastered the fine art of parking everywhere, almost on top of each other...  


I was expecting to see a similar picture in the former Portuguese concession as in Hong Kong, with plenty of Tesla and a couple of other EV's, just to make the thing a little more interesting.

Not really, despite spotting two EV's, one Nissan Leaf on the road and a Nissan e-Evalia charging at a company parking lot, the main headlines were the complete absence of Teslas.

Considering the amount of Maserati, Bentley and other exotica running around the Casino area, it was a bit disconcerting that you saw no Teslas.

Were Teslas been hiding, knowing i was in the neighborhood? Was there a Tesla concentration on the other side of the territory that i just missed? Who knows.

One thing is for sure, with so much money being made (Lost?) at the local Casinos, one would expect Tesla would grab some of those millionaires and sold them a couple of units... 

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  1. Maybe smart rich guys are more likely to buy an electrical car but less likely to be found at a casino.