Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Russia Full Year 2017

Thanks to our Russian readers, we now have a good picture on the local EV scene, which is more interesting than previously thought.

The Russian plug-in market is showing a significant development, mostly thanks to second hand imports, if the Russian new EV market only had 95 registrations is 2017 (+28% regarding 2016), the second hand imports grew from 313 units in 2016 to... 1.047(!) last year.


1. Tesla Model X (48 units)
2. Nissan Leaf (29)
3. Tesla Model S (14)
    Others (4)

In the small new BEV market, Tesla is the big winner, with 62 units, 40 of them in Moscow and 17 in St. Petersburg (These numbers would already justify a couple of stores, right? Are you reading, Tesla?), with Russian buyers showing a singular preference for the Model X.

In second place we had the Nissan Leaf, with 29 units, let's hope the local importer bets all the chips on the new 40 kWh version, so that the Japanese hatchback reaches the three digits, i mean, demand is there, as the second hand imports show...


1. Nissan Leaf (932 units)
2. Mitsubishi i-Miev (50)
3. Tesla Model S (44)
    Others (21)

Akin to Ukraine, the Second Hand market for the Nissan Leaf is huge, according to sources, these units come from Asia, reason why most (524) of the Leaf units stay in the Far Eastern part of Russia.

The quirky thing about this market is the Mitsubishi i-Miev being a popular choice in the used market, with 50 units being imported last year, even outnumbering the Model S from Tesla.


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