Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2017 by brand origin

Country     2017 sales   %
China 576 871 47
Germany 208 563 18
USA 187 351 15
Japan 129 479 11
France 47 550 4
S. Korea 40 580 3

Besides the fact that Chinese brands are responsible for almost half of Plug-ins sold in 2017, the most interesting fact is when we look at previous years and look at how relentless has China's rise been:

- In 2013, China was only the Fourth largest PEV maker, with 6% share;

- The following year, they climbed to Third, jumping share to 17%;

- 2015 was their first year as the largest Global PEV maker, with 31% share;

- Not Happy with the #1 status, in 2016 they increased their share to 43%.

Looking into 2018, China will end up probably above 50% share, which should start to worry Legacy OEMs, as they get squeezed from both ends (Premium - Tesla / Mainstream - China).

Regarding other countries, Germany held steady, losing only 1% share, while the USA lost 2% share regarding 2016, ending 2017 with only 15% of the total market, its lowest share ever and far from its highest point, recorded in 2013 (31%).

Japan is even worse, with the current 11% share being miles behing the 49% share it had in 2012...

France held to their 4% share, but they are also far from their better days (14% in 2012), while South Korea grew 1% share regarding 2016, a new record, and a stark improvement over 2014, when they had...0%.


  1. Norway with 62170 sells should be before France.

    1. Norway is 0. Norway has no Norwegian EV car manufacturing companies at all.

      It is not about sales in a country, it's is about manufacturer origin. For example Toyota = Japan, Ford = USA, BMW = Germany.
      So all of Toyotas global EV sales goes into the Japan numbers etc.

  2. Not even counting the HUUge LSEV market. Another million there?

    1. Maybe. The LSEV market in China is a huge, mostly undocumented, event.