Friday, June 8, 2018

Canada May 2018

Resultado de imagem para 2018 Leaf in Canada

Records Fest - First edition

Usually i post Canada reports with an additional month of delay, because many OEMs report take extra time to report, but this time i couldn't resist to present already the May edition, even if many models only have estimates, because the main players had tremendous results AND the disruptive Tesla Model 3 has just landed. 

Speaking of disruption, some 4,600 registrations were made in May, shattering the two months old record, by adding over 1,000 units (+31%) to the previous best, with the May PEV share reaching a record 2.2%, pulling the 2018 share to an all-time best of 1.8%.

All the Top 3 players had record months, not only the #2 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV continues to improve month after month, registering 590 units, but the Good Ol' Chevrolet  Volt placed a new all time-record, with 731 deliveries, which would have been a new absolute record, it it weren't...

...The 906(!) registrations of the new Nissan Leaf. With the Japanese hatchback still filling waiting orders, it wouldn't be hard for the Nissan BEV to surpass the first two and become the Best Selling Plug-in soon.

I said "wouldn't", but not "won't", because last month the Tesla Model 3 landed, with some 300 deliveries, and with registrations in June said to be in the thousands (2,000?), as it fills waiting reservations, the Californian will soon join the top contenders and join the Leaf in the Podium, with both probably surpassing the Outlander and the Volt, and discussing between themselves the 2018 title.  

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Chevrolet (24%, down 1%) leadership is being eroded, but the followers #2 Mitsubishi (13%) and #3 Nissan (13%) are still far.

Ouside the podium, we now have Toyota (10%) in Fourth, but with #5 Tesla (9%) not that far off, expect the California-based manufacturer to make a giant leap into the medal positions.

Source: Green Car Reports

Tesla Model 3 vs The Others 

Mercedes C-Class 
BMW 3-Series
Audi A4
Audi A5

The Tesla Model 3 has just landed, and to see if it can replicate the Model S success in its category, here is the midsize sedan top contenders.

Will the Model 3 be able to sell upwards of 500 units on a monthly basis, AFTER the waiting list is finished?


  1. You made a lot of estimates :)

    I believe, Tesla will not deliver a lot to Canada in Q3 and Q4 (only Performance AWD and some AWD) (In Q4 if Federal Tax Credit will not expire in Q3)

  2. Where are you getting that registrations for the Model 3 for June will be in the thousands? People said that for May and you estimated a low 300 and I pegged 500-600? I would be surprised to see over 1000 Model 3s for June mainly because I do not think Tesla has that many extra to ship to Canada plus most cars made in May were sold in May in the US with maybe 1000 to 2000 put into storage. I do believe that we might see a few month of high numbers for the Model 3 before it heads back down to 100-200 if not less around the end of Q4. Also Doug Ford just won so if people are right look for him cancelling EV incentives soon after entering office.

    1. It will thousands. They were delivered in thousands to dealerships, but mass sales started just May 27. That is why only few hundreds were sold in these 4 days

    2. The 300 number in May is an estimate, based on NA website guesstimates.

      Some say 500, others 100, so in reality it should be in that ballpark.

      As for the 1,000-2,000 in June, i would say it is possible, but we will only have confirmation in a couple of months.

    3. AnonymousJune 12, 2018

      Tesla must deliver 15000 Model 3 to Canada, or the 200k are gone in June.

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2018

    Well, this blog makes for an entertaining good read most of the times, it is a shame really that the proof-read sucks...
    Would you please put more effort into it in future?
    Also, don`t understand well this last table, how can the MB S-class be in 3rd position with 324 sales. Add to that, this car doesn`t belong to the same class of all others.

    1. Sorry, not enough time to do everything i have on the table...Will try to be more careful in the future.

      Regarding the S-Class, forget it, it wasn't supposed to be there.