Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Portugal July 2018

Nissan Leaf is the new Number One

PEV Sales slowed down their growth in the holiday season, growing just 45% YoY, with July registering 577 deliveries (2.8% PEV share), keeping the 2018 Plug-in Share at a record 2.7%, so there's good reasons to be optimistic and even hope for a 3-4% share by year end.

Looking at the fuels mix, this market is known for its diesel-addiction, due to an unbalanced taxation between gasoline (heavily taxed) and diesel (not so much), but even here, these are historic times, with diesel sales down 8%, with July registering a just 52% share for the troubled fuel, while all others increased their sales by two digits or more. At this rate, i wouldn't be surprised if diesel sales would be dead in Portugal by 2024/25... 

Last month the Nissan Leaf continued a sucessful deliveries streak, by delivering 157 units, its fourth consecutive month in the three digits area, allowing it to surpass its Renault Zoe cousin and become this market Best Seller. Expect the Japanese hatchback to continue widening the gap to the French model, as Nissan still has a backlog of orders to take care of.

Moving on, the Mini Countryman PHEV confirms its success by climbing to #6, despite a small electric range (Now imagine if they had a decent range - say 50 kms EPA), while the Volvo XC60 PHEV also climbed to #11 (ditto on electric range).

Speaking of electric range, two good exemples of plug-ins with usable range in their class are the Kia Niro PHEV, that climbed to #18, with the local Kia importer finally sowing the investment previously made on their plug-ins, while a Tesla shows up for the first time among the Best Sellers, with the Model S jumping to #19, it seems at last Tesla Portugal is doing the right moves for the success of the brand in this market.  

In the manufacturers ranking, BMW (25%) is firm on the top spot, followed by the new Second Placed Nissan (18%), while Renault (16%) is now in the last place of the podium.

Source: ACAP

Regular Hybrids and Plug-ins 

Toyota CH-R Hybrid
Toyota Auris Hybrid
Toyota Yaris Hybrid
Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf success in this market not only allowed it to become the new #1 PEV, but it is also reaching the heights of the Best Selling HEVs, with the #3 Yaris Hybrid just six units away, it won't be surprising if the Nissan BEV will sometime in the future break the chronic domination that Toyota had in the electrified models table in the last few years.


  1. Nelson GomesAugust 23, 2018

    Nice work Jose. What do think of the 2nd semester for Leaf in Portugal? Could we get 1500 by the end of 2018? In my opinion in Portugal the perspective of the new Leaf 2019 (60kwh battery) wiil not have great influence in selings until next year.

    1. Could be, i had heard back in February that Nissan already had a 900 units backlog...And i guess the orders haven't stopped coming since then, so on the demand side, there should be more than enough to get there.