Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ukraine July 2018

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Leaf's galore in Ukraine
King Leaf
EVS readers know that the Ukrainian EV market is something of a pet project of mine, as their love for electric cars is as strong, as it is unexpected (for people outside the country, at least), which is why i like to report it regularly.

In the first seven months of 2018, 2,490 EVs have been registered. Compared to the same period last year, the demand for exclusively electric cars was up by 64% in Ukraine, according to the association Ukravtoprom, leading to a PEV share of 3% of all passenger vehicles registered this year.

The majority (84%) of electric cars, which became registered from January to July 2018, were second hand units. Still, even if we count only 0 km units, the Ukranian PEV share is still at a relevant 1.1%.

An important note to mention, is that Ukraine is one of the markets chosen by Volkswagen to distribute the US diesel units that were forbidden to circulate because of the Dieselgate scandal, that is why beside EVs, lots of second hand cars are flooding the Ukranian market.

When purchasing electric cars, Ukrainians choose the Nissan Leaf as their favorite model. As a result, this model has formed almost 2/3 of the market of electric vehicles, that is why saying "Leaf" in Ukraine is almost sinonymous like saying "EV" there.  

Here is the current podium:

1. Nissan Leaf (1,621 units, 83 new);

2. BMW i3 (182 units, 51 new);

3. Tesla Model S (123 units, 33 new).

Regional Distribution

Kyiv for the third year in a row holds the uncontested leadership in the number of registered electric cars. 

Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv region are also leading regions in the adoption of EVs, if the leadership of the first two areas can be determined by the presence of large ports, the number of electrification in the Kharkiv region can be explained solely by the love of local people to modern technology. The neighboring Sumy and Chernihiv regions are unconditional outsiders by the number of owners of electric vehicles. For example, in Chernihiv region this year, only 9 electrocars found their owners, while residents of the Kharkiv region already purchased 213 clean cars.

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  1. Maarten VinkhuyzenAugust 14, 2018

    Good to read about the Ukraine going steady and strong, after all the Tesla going private madness of the last days.
    This is real. This is people choosing for electric cars in a country and a market where they have to create their own demand and supply.

    The news from Ukraine is as encouraging as the results in Norway.
    It shows to me that the transition is unstoppable.

    1. True, Ukranians are putting to shame many wealthier countries regarding transport electrification.

  2. It's a shame there are still no superchargers in Ukraine considering these solid Tesla sales numbers.