Wednesday, December 12, 2018

France November 2018

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BEVs step up 

The French PEV passenger car market registered 4,988 registrations in November (+71% YoY), with all-electric models jumping (+119%), thanks to the highest growth rate in over 2 years, while plug-in hybrids recovered from the post-NEDC hangover (+11%).

This recent pick up pulled the 2018 PEV share to a record 2%, with BEVs alone having 1.4% share (+0.1%), while PHEVs remained stable, at 0.6%.

Looking at November Best Sellers, the Renault Zoe recent registrations uptick (+144%!), with 1,895 units in November (#20 in the mainstream market) was the main reason for BEVs to shine, but it wasn't the only one, as the #2 Nissan Leaf tripled sales to 420 deliveries, while the BMW i3 had its best performance in 8 months, thanks to 229 units. 

But the real events were the #4 Peugeot iOn (258 units) and the #6 Citroen C-Zero (224) performances, that thanks to the Free2Move car-sharing deliveries, allowed both nameplates to break their personal records, an impressive feat, considering both models landed 608 8 years ago...

Interestingly, after Madrid and Lisbon, Paris is the third city to use large numbers of the tiny EVs in car-sharing fleets, which highlights the future importance of small, cheap, EVs in car-sharing fleets, once these kinds of companies become commonplace.

Renault Zoe
Nissan Leaf
Mitsu. Outlander PHEV
Peugeot iOn
BMW i3

In a market known for its stability, this time there were a number of changes, with BEVs on the rise, not only the #8 Peugeot iOn and #12 Citroen C-Zero jumped positions, but the Tesla Model S also climbed 2 positions to #13, surpassing the Porsche Panamera PHEV and becoming the Best Selling Luxury car.

Another model shining is the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, that climbed one position to #17, thanks to 112 units, its best result since March.

On the PHEV side, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV took full profit from the restyling, climbing to #6, thanks to 320 units, the nameplate best result since 2014.  

Outside the Top 20, the Land Rover Range Rover PHEV had 210 registrations, a surprisingly high number for the British Land Yacht, allowing it to reach #7 in November and opening up the possibility to join the 2018 Top 20 in the last month of the year.

In the brands ranking, Renault (36%) continues in the leading position, followed at a distance by the #2 Nissan and the #3 BMW, both with 11% share. 


  1. Hallo Jose. What about Norway? Why did you stop writing articles, we are waiting for them every day.

  2. Norway also look very promising for Desember with almost 3000 EVs registered already. Leaf, E-Golf and Model X on track for more than 1000 units.

    1. Wow. Do i hear a new record in December?