Monday, July 27, 2020

Finland June 2020

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Volvo: Big in Finland

16% Share!

Share-wise, Finland has become a major plug-in market, thanks to some impressive growth rates, with 2020 having outlandish (+117% YoY) growth rates, and with the mainstream market falling significantly (-22% YoY), the 2020 PEV Share is now at an amazing 16%, thanks to an unprecedented 7.349 registrations in the first half of the year, and the significant drop of the overall market, and while part of this drop can be explained by the pandemic disruption, the truth is that it was already falling before the pandemic, so the famous two-digit plugin share disruption is already happening in Finland, with many people delaying their buying decisions, contracting significantly the ICE market.

This continues to be a PHEV-friendly market, with BEVs representing just 20% of sales, and you can tell, as the only BEV in the Top 10 is the Tesla Model 3. Funny enough, the Best Selling BEV last month wasn't the Californian, but the small VW e-Up, that scored a record 59 registrations, jumping its 2020 registrations to 142, thus surpassing its e-Golf bigger brother and becoming the Second Best Selling BEV in Finland, behind the Model 3.

Looking at the models ranking, the Skoda Superb PHEV managed to get in the middle of the Volvo 1-2 lead, with the Czech model surpassing the S/V60 PHEV twins last month, while a few spots below, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV surpassed the BMW X5 PHEV, climbing to #7.

But the surprise of the month was the thundering arrival of the Volvo XC40 PHEV, jumping to the runner-up spot in June, thanks to a record 104 units, while reaching #9 in the YTD table.

Interestingly, looking at this Top 10, we see 5 SUVs in the table, confirming the populatiry of this category in this market.

Another model set to reinforce the SUV lineup in this Top 10 is the Ford Kuga PHEV, the registered 47 deliveries last month and should join the table in the next couple of months.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Volvo (22%) is a comfortable leader, with BMW (14%) in Second and the rising Mercedes (12%) in 3rd, with the #4 Volkswagen and #5 Skoda, both with 7% share, looking to close the gap to the podium in the coming months.


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2020

    That S/V90 isn`t that Big in Finland, anyway, not in that Top 10

  2. AnonymousJuly 28, 2020

    Market well advanced in the migration from conventional ICE to electrified powertrains with Volvo keep leading it by significant margin.

    From the posted data, Q22020 standings are:

    1st Volvo Car with 1331 units
    2nd Volkswagen Group with 716 units
    3rd BMW Group with 675 units
    4th Daimler with 403 units
    5th Tesla with 388 units