Thursday, July 9, 2020

Norway June 2020

Octavia iV é só o início da ofensiva eletrificada da Skoda
Skoda Octavia PHEV: Norway's next Success Story?

PHEVs Up, BEVs Down

The Norwegian is leaving behind the pandemic-related disruption, dropping just 26% YoY in June, almost in line with the YTD average (-24%) with plugins representing 66% of the overall Norwegian market last month, with BEVs alone representing 44% of the total sales, keeping the 2020 PEV share at 69% (48% BEV).

While BEV registrations (-32% last month) continue on the slow lane, PHEVs are running strong (+77% in June), compensating the BEV drop, with plugin hybrids recovering ground regarding pure electrics, with PHEVs having 34% of plugin sales in June, above the 30% yearly average. 

Looking at June model sales by fuel, we have the Skoda Octavia ICE model breaking for the second time in a row the 100% BEV Top 5 rule that had been happening in the past months, which can only mean good htings for the upcoming Octavia PHEV...Sure, it's not a pure EV, but it's still better than a pure ICE model, right?

The remaining Top 5 saw the VW e-Golf win another Best Seller trophy, while the Tesla Model 3 reached a podium seat, losing Silver to the Hyundai Kona EV, that scored a record 535 registrations, thanks to the fresh units coming out of Hyundai's Czech factory.

This month surprise result went to the Volvo XC40 PHEV, that came out of nowhere into #4 in June's ranking, scoring not only a personal best, but quite possibly the best performance ever by a Volvo plugin model in Norway. A star is born?

Interestingly, the Audi e-Tron is out of the Top 5 for the first time this year... Are these the first signs that the big Audi is becoming out of fashion?

VW e-Golf
Hyundai Kona EV
Tesla Model 3
Volvo XC40 PHEV
Skoda Octavia

Looking at the 2020 ranking, the Hyundai Kona EV profited from the recent production ramp up to surpass the Nissan Leaf and reach the podium, while in #6, the Tesla Model 3 took advantage from the (limited) end of quarter high tide to surpass the Renault Zoe, recovering one position with it.

The Peugeot 208 EV climbed to #17, and should rise further in the coming months, after all, its French arch-rival, the Renault Zoe, is 6th....

In the unplugged category, the highest standing is now the Skoda Octavia, in #8 (which bodes well for the success of its PHEV versions...), with the #10 Toyota C-HR now leading the Toyota hybrid pack

Interestingly, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid had a slow month, dropping to #14...Is the model PHEV version already casting a shadow over the regular HEV version?

Back to plugins, the Volvo XC60 PHEV jumped two spots, to #13, thanks to 260 deliveries, a new Year Best for the midsize SUV, while in the same category, the Mercedes EQC was up to #17, thanks to 220 units, with the midsize Mercedes profiting from the production ramp up.

We have two new models in the table, with SAIC's MG ZS EV joining the table in #18, thanks to a record 316 registrations last month, while the Volvo S/V60 PHEV twins are now in #20, thanks to a record performance of 216 units in June, but the midsize Swedes shouldn't stay here for long, as in #21 we have another Volvo, with the rising star XC40 PHEV scoring a record 475 units last month, with the compact SUV possibly jumping several positions next month.

Highlighting Volvo's good moment, even the daddy of them all, the XC90 PHEV, had a good month, scoring 114 units last month, a new year best.

But it wasn't only Volvo to shine outside the Top 20, as the popular Ford Kuga PHEV registered a record 136 units, the Porsche Taycan profited from the production ramp up to score a best ever 172 deliveries, and finally, the Peugeot 2008 EV crossover landed last month with 146 units, an impressive performance that could propell it to PSA's Best Selling plugin model in this market.

Looking at the overall manufacturers ranking, Volkswagen (13%, up 1%) is now alone in the leadership, with Audi (10%, down 2%) dropping share, with the #3 Toyota (9%) in Third.

Outside the podium, Volvo (7%, up 1%) surpassed BMW (7%), while Hyundai (6%) and Skoda (6%) remain in the same spots.


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2020

    Some additional interesting data from Norway, from the first 6 months

    Polestar 2: 5 cars
    Honda e: 21 cars
    Opel Corsa-e: 59 cars
    Porsche Taycan: 422 cars
    Seat Mii electric: 535 cars
    Volkswagen e-Up!: 728 cars
    Skoda Citigo e: 729 cars

    1. The Taycan result is interesting. At one point it reportedly had 600 pre-orders in Norway. Now they already delivered 422... Which means that either they are working through the pre-order list really fast, or sales are going better than expected.

  2. Ve up,mii, citygoe triplet is 2241 for the half year. Giving VAG a 1 2 5 positions and a püre BEV top 5

    1. True, forgot to mention that one.

    2. AnonymousJuly 15, 2020

      Impressive results from VW group, capturing the PEV market leadership in Norway, with the volume sales being generated from non-dedicated EV platforms (NSF, MQB and MLB Evo). Not only that, also the e-Golf is regularly selling at large numbers even though the MEB based ID.3 is already available for ordering.

  3. AnonymousJuly 09, 2020

    Top3 positions unchanged from the previous quarter with Tesla unable to significantly boost the performance.

    From the posted data, Q22020 standings are:

    1st Volkswagen Group with 9335 vehicles
    2nd Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance with 5778 vehicles
    3rd Kia-Hyundai with 4563 vehicles
    4th Tesla with 1795 vehicles
    5th BMW Group with 1293 vehicles

  4. The BEV YoY weakness seems to be mostly on the Model 3... So there is hope things will turn around by September :-)

    1. September will be the Mother of All Records...

      Imagine, the Europe-wide landing of the VW ID.3, a stronger that usual end-of-quarter peak from the Model 3, along with the production/deliveries ramp up of several models (Polestar 2 is just one example) and the return from holidays.

      You've read it here first, folks!

    2. AnonymousJuly 10, 2020

      ... whatever, if anything, Tesla is the carmaker that's unable to sustain its product. See the Model X, how many so far, 250? See the Model S, a hundered? Model 3? Good luck selling 4000 of them this year.
      That's so bad analysing the sales curve of Tesla, a clear flop, trend and current status puts deliveries well below 2017 levels, at a time were just S and X were available, albeit very fresh, unlike current lineup that is long in the tooth.
      Looks like the old fashioned e-tron will the the first EV reaching Norway with a 3-motor setup, although not with a "Nürburgring Record" nor with a proficient "Twitter boss"

      written by Looney Tunes

    3. LOL... "First with 3-motor setup"... That must be the most obscure award ever :-P

    4. @Anonymous
      T3 will be number 1 or 2.11-13k

  5. How can the e-tron be already out of fashion? My guess would be that they simply finally worked through their claimed large reservation list...

    Unless they are having production issues again?

    1. Mmmm...Could be, the end of reservation list, with the big Audi returning to more normal volumes, for a vehicle with such a big price tag.

    2. AnonymousJuly 16, 2020

      They stopped production during COVID and had supply problems. So it might be production indeed.

  6. Why is there a red font here?very unfortunate in my opinion

  7. Why put gasoline kinds in the top20 EV and PHEV?

  8. Why is Volvo XC40 PHEV not listed in the Top 20 table despite being highlighted as the 4th best-selling in the month?

    1. The table regards YTD data. But i expect it to show up soon on the table.