Monday, August 3, 2020

H1 2020 sales by OEM

Looking at the 2020 sales by Automotive Group, we have:


If we gather plugin sales by Automotive Groups, Tesla is ahead, with 19% share, followed by the rising Volkswagen Group (13%), that increased the distance to the Renault-Nissan Alliance, that lost 2% share regarding the first quarter of this year, but it is still above the 8% of last year. 

Both the #4 BMW Group and the #5 Hyundai-Kia kept their positions and both lost 1% share regarding three months ago, now having 7% share, but the balance is still positive for the Korean OEM, as they ended 2019 with 6% share.

What catches our eyes in this Top 5 is the absence of Chinese OEMs, last year we had two (BYD and BAIC), expect these OEMs to rebound in a big way in the second half of the year.


Looking only at BEVs, Tesla lost 1% share regarding Q1, but it is still 5% above the 2019 result, while the #2 Renault Nissan Alliance lost a significant amount of share in this second quarter, dropping from 13% in Q1, to the current 10%, and although is it still better than the 2019 final score (8% share), it has seen the Volkswagen Group is getting really close, now less than 1.000 units behind, although the German OEM has also lost 1% share regarding Q1, the current 10% share is double what VW Group had in 2019.

Expect the German OEM to climb to the Second Spot soon, possibly by end of Q3.

BYD is also on the rise, climbing one position to #4, while increasing its QoQ share by 1%, to 7%, but despite this recovery, the Chinese OEM is still behind last year result of 9% share.

Comparing with the BEV+PHEV table, the big defeated is the BMW Group, that due to its heavy reliance on PHEVs, disappears from the Top 5, while comparing with last year Top 5, the Chinese BAIC and SAIC are left out, but expect SAIC to rebound soon, as the Shanghai maker has recently increased its sales (and share).


  1. In PHEV+BEV table it seem strange that only Tesla is in blue. Imo it could be like this. Vast majority of production are BEV's = bold blue, more than half of production are BEV's = light blue, more than half of production are PHEV's = light black, vast majority of production are PHEV's = bold black. Basically Nissan+Renault and Hyundai+Kia in light blue. :)

  2. Maarten VinkhuyzenAugust 03, 2020

    For me the BEV table by Automotive Group is the most important one. It looks like at least 5 groups are on the way to cross the 100,000 BEV this year.

    Where are BAIC, SAIC, PSA on their way to cross the 100,000 this year?

    Do you see any models beside Model 3 and perhaps Zoé cross 100,000/year this year?

    With higher sales comes more prestige and more influence to the managers of the model. Important at all legacy carmakers for the future of BEVs.

    1. SAIC could get to 100k , PSA i have my doubts, regarding models, i guess the 2020 ranking will be #1 Tesla Model 3, #2(?) Renault Zoe, #3(?) Tesla Model Y, while VW ID.3 and Hyundai Kona EV should be racing for #4.

    2. @José so you no longer think Tesla will deliver 200,000 Model Y this year?... :-P

    3. ah ah ah!... :P

      How things are now, the 200k mark is not for 2020, if they are smart and start delivering the Model Y this year in overseas markets, then i can see them comfortably surpass the Zoe and take a 1-2 win for Tesla, but if they decide to wait for GF Berlin and Shanghai to deliver the Model Y...Then the Zoe will be #2, as the Model Y doesn't have enough demand in North America to get there, especially now that the SR version was cut out of future plans.

    4. Didn't Model 3 sell something like 200,000 units in North America over the first year of volume deliveries?... I'd be surprised if demand isn't there to sell the same amount of Model Y. Pretty sure the limiting factor is the production ramp.

      (BTW, assuming Model Y for Korea etc. will also be shipped from Fremont, they should be able to export quite a lot too if needed, without pre-empting China or Europe...)

  3. Will be curious to see how Tesla's share will move in the second half of the year. On one hand, there are more models from other makers coming/ramping; on the other hand, Tesla itself is expected to see enormous growth in the second half of the year...

    1. The big question mark for me is how much the Tesla Model Y will eat into Model 3 sales, if it's not significant, then Tesla can reach some 23% share, if it is significant, it could lose a couple of share points.

    2. Well, regardless of sales, Model Y competes for *production capacity* with Model 3 in Fremont. So either way, we should see around 500,000 Tesla deliveries this year. The only real question is how well others will keep up...

  4. Hi,Is there a manufacturer ranked 6-10?