Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Netherlands October 2020


VW ID.3 shines in hot market (29% Share!)

October saw the Dutch EV market saw it return to the fast lane, jumping 228% YoY, to 9,16 units, the market 's best score, if we exclude the December months, that are prone incentive-derived year end rushes. 

So...will next December post a new record performance?

The PEV market share jumped to 29% (23% BEV), pulling the 2020 plugin share to 17% (13% BEV), and this time BEVs were the main driver of growth, being responsible for 79% of all plugin sales last month, above the 75% yearly average, mostly thanks to a great result from the VW ID.3, that had 2.789 deliveries last month.

As such, looking at last month sellers, it was all about the deployment of ID.3 units, that represented almost a third of all plugin registrations, allowing it to be the #1 in the overall market, leaving the #2 Kia Niro some 1,600 units behind.

But there was more to talk about than the VW's new baby, as the Kia Niro EV registered a record 752 units, a whole 3 units above the September result, so it seems Kia's production is maxed out for the moment, so expect 2 other 700-something performances in the next couple of months for the Korean crossover, while the Polestar 2 closed the podium, with 472 units. 

Outside the Top 3, it's crossover season, with 3 representatives of the category between 4th and 6th, with the Hyundai Kona EV in 4th, the strong personality of the Mazda MX-30 surprises everyone and reaches #5, with 355 deliveries, while the Volvo XC40 PHEV (322 units) was last month Best Selling PHEV, with a slight difference regarding their S/V60 PHEV siblings (303), with Volvo being the only brand selling plugin hybrids in large numbers, which bodes well for the upcoming Volvo XC40 EV...

Another recent addition to the market showing strong results is the Peugeot 2008 EV, with the French crossover benefiting from PSA's production ramp up to reach 257 deliveries in October. 

Looking at the 2020 ranking, the Kia Niro EV has recovered the leadership from the Tesla Model 3, but the current 698 units separating them are still not enough to secure the final win, because the Californian is expected to have a strong high tide in December, so this year Best Seller title should only be decided in the last stage of the race.

Buth the Climber of the Month was undoubtedly the VW ID.3, that shooted from #19 in September to the current 3rd spot, already surpassing its e-Golf predecessor, and although the first two are too far to be bothered, the German hatchback will be one of the strongest candidates for the 2021 title.

On the second half of the table, the Audi e-Tron was up one position, to #13, consolidating its position as the Best Selling Luxury model, while the Opel Corsa EV benefited from the PSA production ramp up to increase deliveries and climb to #15.

We have a new face in the table, with the Polestar 2 shooting to #17, while the Mazda MX-30 should join the table soon, which could remove one of the 4 PHEVs in this Top 20.

In the manufacturers ranking, Kia (12%, down 2%) and Tesla (10%, down 2%), were both surpassed by Volkswagen (14%, up 4%), while Volvo (10%) is running for the Bronze medal.


  1. December numbers will really be interesting:
    Tesla back with deliveries.
    Incentives reduced end of 2020.
    ID3, Polestar, Mazda... first wave settled.

  2. VW ID3 around 8000 in October in Norway, Germany and Netherlands alone. Will be interesting what happens next.

  3. ...although the first two are too far to be bothered...

    In November if, and really if, both Kia Niro EV sell in the region of 700 vehicles and the Tesla Model 3, in the region of 500 vehicles, 2000 unit sales of ID.3 in November will flounder Tesla and will put the Kia seriously within reach.
    Lets wait and see.

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      Still there is time, they can make ICE vehicles that can run on clean methanol and introduce hybrid and plugin hybrid versions on top of it.

      Toyota sells flex fuel version of Prius that can run on 100% ethanol also in Brazil.

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      These facilities could not grow big because there were powerful external forces that prevent the spread of these fuels. Now that the plugin segment is expanding, these alternatives may be allowed to thrive. Only time will tell.

      Thanks for the info.

    3. Renewable fuels are great to fill the pumps with until all vehicles are ICE-free and zero emission. But there should of course not be a single new sold car with an ICE going forward...at least as soon as possible.

      So bring the GTD:s to the scrap yard, remove them from dealers and fill the ones already on the roads with 100% renewable HVO.

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      Is it the 2011 Nissan Leaf or the 2013 Tesla S markedly sought-after for a next purchase now or in 2021 or 2022? How many of those originally are still in use? And why ever sending them as rubbish to the scrap yard? Aren't they improving the environment while being in use? What could go wrong, so few moveable parts.
      As for improving oneself health, one should-only do their own meals at home, move mainly by walking, raise their children and take care of their elders, live in-sync with the seasons and above it all, have a sense of community and ownership.

    5. I can bet you that, with the exception of a few units destroyed in accidents, every single Model S is still in use -- and very likely also every single Leaf. Nobody scraps a car in decent condition. And there is nothing wrong with passing on a car to the next owner after a couple of years.

    6. ...as far as I know, both the Leaf and the Model S are one of the most "scrapped" EVs on earth. At least for spare parts grabbing. Maybe hard to beat the King: Renault Fluence, that one doesn't give much chances for an extended life, as RCC will try by all means to lock you. But yeah, you are very much mistaken if you think that at least 50% of the original Leaf and Model S are still on the roads. Where do you think all EV enthusiasts grab Tesla cells for conversions? (Nissan ones are even worse, no one dreams on getting a chance to grab them). LOL

      written by Looney Tunes

  5. So that's where all the ID.3s are going... ;-)

    Given the current pace, and with two months left, I'd say it's very likely it will yet surpass the Niro -- maybe even already in November?

    Whether Model 3 can surge past either of these in December is hard to predict, not knowing how large the Tesla tide will really be this time around...

  6. I'd say the MX-30 result isn't any more surprising than the early Mini results were... Probably will turn out to be just another flash in the pan -- like pretty much all models that start deliveries only after ramping production...

  7. Interesting that right now Corsa and Peugeot 208 are outselling the Zoe not only combined, but even individually... Perhaps because they are new to the market, while Zoe already participated in last year's subsidy rally? (Albeit in an older incarnation...)

  8. Given that last December the Model 3 alone made up more than half of the record result, and it's not expected to be anywhere near last year's numbers, it might be difficult for this December to beat last year's result... Though with many new models facing their first subsidy step-down, cumulatively I guess they might have a shot?

  9. Rather than delivering ecological City EV triplet E-up, Citigo and Mii, VW prefers to pay a penalty to EU or compensate SAIC MG.
    All for the benefit of ID3 sales?
    Maybe because of the lockdown VW may even be lucky.

    1. How would limiting e-UP! deliveries benefit ID.3 sales? This conspiracy theory is not making sense...

  10. Nice to see the Dutch buying 9.116 plugins, wow 29% is very high mark.
    VW ID.3 is a new force to be reckoned with. For sure it will take the leadership in Nov itself.
    I hope ID.3 launches in other markets worldwide soon.
    ID.4 will be launching in USA only in 2021-Q1. This will compete in the fast growing compact cuv segment.

    Time for Renault (Zoe) and Nissan (Leaf) to take note of VWs emergence.
    So e-Golf did not sell even 81 units and is finally bowing out.

    1. VW ID.3 is finally confirmed for China in late 2021, so if things continue to go well for VW's new hatch, it could cross the Atlantic in 2022...Fingers crossed!

    2. It's been confirmed for at least a year that ID.3 will be coming to China at some point. (I don't remember for sure, but it might have been mentioned much earlier even...) US is an entirely different story.