Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Switzerland October 2020

 Tesla Model 3 at Zurich Formula E Championship, Switzerland - YouTube

14% Share!

The Swiss plugin market was up 156% in October, with 2.963 registrations and 14% share, pulling the 2020 growth rate to 71%, thanks to 22.063 registrations, with the PEV share now at a record 12% (5,5% last year), helped by the fact that the overall market is falling 27% this year, with BEVs representing 57% of all plugin sales (50% in October).

The leader Tesla Model 3 and the runner-up Renault Zoe can now find space for their 2020 medals, but the Bronze medal is still open for discussion, between the #4 Hyundai Kona EV and a pack of Volvos, with the XC60 PHEV currently holding the 3rd spot and keeping the Hyundai at a safe distance, while the XC40 PHEV and S/V60 PHEV are chasing the Korean crossover.

Speaking of Tesla, the Model X is back at the table, in #16, but the Audi e-Tron came out of nowhere into #9, while another high end BEV also joined the table, with the Porsche Taycan showing up at #18.

Last month, the Climber of the Month was the VW ID.3, that in its second month on the market, it jumped to 10th, with the VW new baby racing to reach a spot on the Top 5 by year end.

Other position changes were the Mini Cooper EV climbing to #15, thanks to a record 79 deliveries, while the BMW X1 PHEV joined the table, in #20.

A mention also for the Nissan Leaf, that with 59 registrations, had its best scores in two years (Ahhhh...Discounts. Always a sure way to increase sales)

Outside the Top 20, a reference to the 107 registrations of the Renault Captur PHEV, while the Mazda MX-30 is also being delivered in volume (81 units), the ramp-up of the Toyota RAV4 PHEV continues with 73 registrations, while the VW Golf VIII PHEV (55 units) and Citroen C5 Aircross PHEV (54) have landed with positive scores, so both the German and the French models should have good results in the future.

In the manufacturers ranking, Tesla is in the lead, with 17% share, followed by Volvo (12%) and Renault (11%), while BMW (10%) is looking to return to the podium. 


  1. Tesla is still the leader, yet sales have shockingly decreased to 61. In Norway Tesla car sales slowed to nearly zero in November and in Germany Tesla sales are just 272 or -14% yoy in October. What is going on here? This is shocking.

    1. Heinrich - I get that you like to look at Tesla from a "half-empty glass" perspective, but don't be so enthusiastic on the first month of the quarter results, as i said before, Tesla has been consistently "drying up" Europe's deliveries in the fist month of each quarter, so these drops are expected, and will be compensated with higher than usual end of quarter peaks.

      So neither of the results (M1 of M3) tell the whole story, one has to look at the whole quarter to see the Tesla behavior.

    2. @José why bother? It's beyond obvious at this point that this troll knows the pattern perfectly well, and is just trying to spread FUD amongst the uninitiated -- just like other members of that weird death cult do...

  2. ID3 sales are kind of miserable. Especially considering one year backlog.
    Too expensive or just too difficult to operate?
    Next year will be very interesting.

    1. Despite most comments, VW had only a backlog of around 10.000 ID.3 produced before the official launch and not 30.000. Therefore all ID.3 which can be build will be sold and these are right now around 500 per day or 10.000 per month.

    2. So in almost a year of production, they only managed to build 10,000 cars? That sounds worse than Tesla's infamous Model 3 production hell...

    3. @Koogle - Yeah, i was expecting more too, although it's still early to have a good idea on what the ID.3 cruise speed will be, the truth is that for now, the Renault Zoe is selling faster than the VW new baby.

      Let's wait a few more months and see if the ID.3 can confirm the expectations as the strongest candidate for next year Best Seller title.