Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Norway November 2020


VW ID.3 new King in Norway 

BEVs are becoming the norm in Norway, as they were responsible for 56% of the Norwegian market last month, up 90% last month, to 7.035 units, pulling the YTD share to 52%, while plugin hybrids, in the context of growing sales across Europe, registered 2.983 units, being responsible for 24% share of the overall market (21% YTD).

Looking at the fuels breakdown, if plugins are up, the rest is falling quickly: HEVs now have just 9% share of the market, petrol vehicles are down to 6% share (it had 11% a year ago), while diesel has only 5%, while in the same month last year, the black fuel had 16% share...Will we see diesel disappear next year?

Looking at November model sales by fuel, the VW ID.3 scored a third consecutive win, with 986 units, so it seems after the Tesla Model 3 and the Audi e-Tron, the german hatchback is the new ruler in Norway.

The remaining Top 5 has the MG ZS EV keeping the runner-up position, thanks to a record 644 registrations, it looks like the MG crossover has found its space in the market, as the value-minded preferred choice, at least until other mainstream minded models (Skoda Eniaq...) do not land.

The Toyota RAV4 PHEV was 3rd, with a record 631 registrations, with the Japanese SUV scoring its first podium position ever.

Toyota RAV4 PHEV
Audi e-Tron
Nissan Leaf

Looking at the 2020 ranking, the VW ID.3 suprpassed its predecessor VW e-Golf and is the new runner-up, as it prepares to lead this market in 2021.

SAIC's MG ZS EV was up to #7, now making a fully BEV Top 8.

In the unplugged category, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid jumped 3 spots, to #11, and the Yaris Hybrid was up to #14. 

In the second half of the table, a mention also to the Polestar 2 jumping 3 spots, to #15, and should climb higher in the last month of the year.

Outside the Top 20, the highlight was the thunderous landing of the Volvo XC40 EV, with 400 deliveries, but the BMW X1 PHEV also deserves a mention, having scored a record 519 units, with BMW celebrating another record performance, with the 330e reaching 211 deliveries, mostly thanks to the new station wagon body.

Looking at the overall manufacturers ranking, Volkswagen (14%) is in the lead, thanks to the ID.3 deliveries, while below it, we have Toyota (10%, up 1%) distancing from the #3 Audi (8%) and securing the runner-up spot.

Outside the podium, BMW (7%, up 1%) is leading a pack of makers (Volvo, Hyundai, Mercedes)  all with 6% share, all looking to reach the podium sometime in the future.


  1. Time for some 2021 guessing!

    I go with the ID.4 as the 2021 leader, but I think it will be a wide spread top with many models standing a chance.

    For OEM Volkswagen, a rather safe bet I assume.

    On which car would you guys put your money to win the 2021 title?

    1. I would go for the Volvo XC40 EV.
      Only reason is it is easier to operate than the VW ID4 or ID3.
      But generally the top 10 vehicles will be very close to each other.

    2. DoggydogworldDecember 08, 2020

      Definitely ID4. But will Norway's ID4s be built in Europe or China? Or a mix?

    3. I think it depends on the price of ID.3 45kWh. That could be vehicle selling in big volumes.

    4. That's a tricky one... The ID.4 will have the debut benefit next year. On the other hand, while it's in a popular segment, it sits in between a whole bunch of other compact and mid-size crossovers at different price points -- while the ID.3 will supplant the popular e-Golf, and likely also take significant share from the outdated Leaf, with no other entrants in that large segment at all...

      (Aside from that, of course there is also a possibility that Tesla will ramp Model Y deliveries quickly, which might make it another contender...)

    5. @Doggydogworld has VW ever imported cars from China to Europe? Have they suggested in any way that the consider it for the ID.4?...

      I personally have a hard time believing it: besides transport costs, and possibly tariffs (don't know whether any apply here), I don't think VW would be too keen on selling cars made by a joint-venture over those from fully owned factories in Europe...

    6. I would say VW ID.3, it's in a volume segment, and will have less competition than the ID.4, even within the VW Group, because i believe the Skoda Eniaq will steal a lot of sales from the ID.4, while the ID.3 twins are still several months away.

    7. Good point about in-house competition: the ID.4 will be flanked from both sides between the Skoda Eniaq and the Audi Q4 -- while the ID.3 has the Cupra (SEAT) el Born as the only twin, as far as I'm aware?...

  2. it seems these are the same sales number than october ?

  3. I'm really impressed with MG's showing here.

    Are they bringing the MG5 over as well? It's already available in the UK.

    1. the MG5 is an interesting addition to the market, a sort of Skoda Octavia EV, but (even) cheaper.

  4. Detailed salesnumbers for Germany is online as well.


  5. Hello Jose, could you made an article, which cars / car types still aren't substitute/replaced by BEV/HEV in Norway?

    1. Models that do not have xEV version, like the Skoda Octavia, or MHEV models, like those of Mazda or Ford.

  6. I'm curious about what new Diesel models that still sell "well" in Norway?
    Cheap compact city cars or more family models like Wagon Passat?

  7. Tesla has a hard time in Norway - even in December as there is strong competition from Audi etron, Volvo XC 40, Polestar, VA ID3,...Looks like Model 3 will not sell much more than 2000 in December for a total of a little bit over 5000 per year, far below 15 500 Model 3 sold last year.

    1. Right, sold out for the quarter weeks before the first units even arrive is a clear indication of a "hard time"...

    2. "far below 15 500 Model 3 sold last year."
      The ID.3 will never reach this Count in one Year. Never!

    3. Vender 10.000 Model 3 menos que en 2019 es un momento nefasto, con dificil fue suave el compañero, y lo que le espera a tesla con cada vez mas modelos.

      Viva la competencia

    4. There are plenty of Model 3 cars on offer. There is no shortage of Model 3, which are waiting for buyers. Model X and S sales are close to zero despite on offers from distributors.

    5. "The ID. 3 will never reach this count in one year. Never!"

      With all that 'knowledge', why don't you take Jose's seat and share with all us more of your 'feelings'?
      You should rephrase that to: With all the new comers and the usual Tesla *sugar show*, the new Model Y in Norway will never reach 15.000 sales in one year. Never!

      Now, about the "crappy" ID. 3, in just 4 months it already sold more than 5.000 units, with just 1 powertrain version!! What will happen, when 3 or more powertrain options became available, only you can 'tell'.

    6. LOL... Our favourite troll spinning ridiculous fairy tales again of Model 3 waiting for buyers (while in reality new orders have been pushed to the next quarter many weeks ago), or of Tesla having "distributors"...

    7. As for ID.3: between replacing the Golf, taking sales from Leaf, pent-up demand from people who have been delaying purchases while waiting for this model, and a bit of further conversions from remaining combustion car sales, I think it could very well reach 15,000 next year... If production keeps up -- and if el Born doesn't take too much of a bite out of the main brand's potential.

    8. "Looks like Model 3 will not sell much more than 2000 in december" That is certainly a strange definition of having a hard time! 2000 units in one month would be the second best one month performance of any model this year, only beaten by ID.3 impressive October performance.

      Tesla M3 is probably going to end up in 5th (or maybe 4th) place this year in Norway. It no longer rules the EV-market, but is still a significant contender.

      That there are plenty of Model 3s on offer also needs to be modified somewhat. Right now there are plenty of inventory cars available on the Tesla website in Norway. But that has varied throughout the year, with no cars available for long periods of time. That has probably hurt the overall sales numbers, since with plenty of competition byuers don't want to wait for delivery. But when the deliveries arrive the sales numbers shoot up, indicating that there is still a solid demand for the car, and they don't sit around waiting for buyers. Model 3 is probably going to remain in the top 10 in the next year, despite the huge competition

    9. Given the current trajectory, it's almost certain Model 3 will make it to 3rd place.

      If deliveries accelerate in the remaining 2 1/2 weeks, it *might* yet even beat the ID.3... Though I don't expect it.

      BTW, the vast majority of the couple dozens "new" inventory cars are actually test drive units; while the handful of actually new ones (mostly just one configuration) are completely normal, due to some unavoidable mismatch between configurations of cars shipped vs. cars people have ordered -- it does *not* mean Tesla actually has any excess inventory...

    10. Seems you should have wrote "not much more than...4.000"...Have an happy 2021.

  8. More than a thousand Taycan registered in Norway in just 11 months!
    How many would have been if cost started by kr. 775.990? ...maybe 3 hundreds.

  9. Dear Jose,

    The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will be in the top 10 at the end of 2020.

    But it (or any other PHEV model) will not be in the top 10 at the end of 2021.

    What do you think about that?


    1. The Toyota RAV4 PHEV will probably be next year Best Selling PHEV here, if Toyota doesn't constrain prodution, or course.

      Now, will it be enough for a Top 10 spot? Doubt it, but if it does, it will be #9 or #10.

  10. Did Oktavia PHEV version start sales in norway yet?

    1. Yep! But it's still in ramp up mode.

    2. i'm very interessted how it performs in norway. I drive a skoda Fabia myself and think they offer great storage capacity. The skoda Oktavia was long time the best selling non Plugin version. It will be really interessting to see the real demand for the skoda plugin PHEV. Too bad that the starting price is so high compared to the gas version.

    3. Will be interesting how it fares against the MG5, which is the first (and only thus far) BEV wagon available in Europe -- and at a very attractive price...

    4. I also expect the Octavia PHEV to be a big seller, it has all the plus points of the ICE model (space, reliability, etc), but with a plug.

    5. Yeah, but it's a PHEV -- and not the only PHEV wagon available, either... Other PHEV wagons sales are rather "meh" in this market.