Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Ireland October 2019

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15% share!!!

I had to triple check this one, because i couldn't believe my eyes, but it is true, the Irish PEV market reached a fantastic 15% share in October, pulling the 2019 share to a record 3,9%. Sure, this market is highly seasonable, so last month being a slow month in the overall market, large shares could be reached, but still…15% Share! Whoa!

It is for these kind of moments that i enjoy writing on EVS... 

Moving on, the Irish PEV market registered 317 units last month, tripling last year result, with the top two scoring strong results. Ireland is known for its love for the Nissan Leaf, a seven times (2011/12/14/15/16/17/18) winner of the Best Seller trophy, but in 2019 the Nissan hatchback has a fierce competitor in the Hyundai Kona EV, leading the pack for most of the year, with the Korean Crossover once again pushing deliveries, and registering 80 units, recovering significant ground to the Japanese hatchback, just 13 units ahead.

This looks to be an interesting race to follow until the last day of December... 

If the top 2 models are in a race of their own, we have an interesting development in the Top 10, with the VW e-Golf managing to overcome the Outlander PHEV and reach #5, thanks to 33 units, an amazing performance for the Volkswagen EV, especially considering that its career is less than a year away from ending.

The new BMW 330e jumped 4 positions, to #14, thanks to 24 deliveries, one unit more than its arch-rival, the also newly arrived Tesla Model 3, that is currently in #21 with 36 units, impatiently waiting to join the Top 20 and go after the BMW midsizer, this being possibly the only market where the 330e is ahead of the Californian.

Bring on the popcorn, because this will be another interesting duel to watch.

Speaking of Tesla, the Model X is now #22, with 31 units, so the SUV model could also join the Top 20 soon.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Hyundai (27%) is leading, ahead of Nissan, now with 24% share, while the rising Kia (12%) is theThird placed, comfortably ahead of Renault and BMW, both with 6% share.

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