Friday, March 13, 2020

Canada February 2020 (Draft)

Tesla Model 3 turf

In the last few months, Canada has been absent from EV Sales, because the usual sources haven't published their reports. As such, this is a draft ranking, based in secondary sources and with some estimates, if someone has reliable data, please get in contact.

February registered some 3.400 plugins in Canada, up 23% YoY, aligned with the YTD count (+24% YoY), with last month plugin share reaching 2.5%, placing the 2020 PEV share at 2.7%, slightly above the 2.6% of 2019.

The Tesla Model 3 is the main sales drive in Canada, with the midsizer being responsible for roughly one quarter of all plugin registrations this year, and should continue leading the table at least until H2 2020, when a certain Model Y crosses the border...

The Californian maker has another nameplate in this Top 10, with the Model X in #6, but it is not the only brand with two models in the Top 10, as Hyundai also managed to place two models, with the #5 Kona EV and #7 Ioniq PHEV.

The Toyota Prius Prime was the Silver medalist last year, but this year it was kicked out of the podium, but the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV performed even worse, with the Japanese SUV winning the Bronze medal last year, and now it's only #10, having seen its sales drop to less than half. Is Mitsubishi prioritizing Europe for its Outlander PHEV deliveries?

A mention to the good performance of the VW e-Golf, now in #9, which could (and should) make Volkswagen wonder if the ID.3 could be a good addition to its Canadian lineup...

Regarding the manufacturers podium, Tesla (33%) is head and shoulders above the competition, with the rising Hyundai (13%) and Chevrolet (11%) in the remaining medal places, ahead of Nissan (8%) and Toyota (7%).


  1. About the e-Golf, the 2020MY should be available throughout the season in Canada, as per confirmation from Volkswagen.

  2. With Model Y being above the incentives price cap, I'm not sure it will do nearly as well as Model 3 in Canada...