Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Slovenia February 2020

VW e-Golf leads red hot market

The Slovenian PEV market is finally on the move, with sales tripling in 2020 (2,5% PEV share), with February representing the second record month in a row, with 171 registrations (3,1% share), helped by a regressing (-9%) overall market. 

The most impressive thing about these performances is that it's all thanks to BEVs, that now represent an amazing 96% of plugin sales...Has disruption reached Slovenia? 

Back at last month performance, looking at the best selling models, the veteran VW e-Golf is the surprise leader, with the German hatchback taking full profit from the current fire sale (as in, deep discounts), to score 86 units in one month, this model's best score in this market.

The relegated leader Renault Zoe couldn't complain much either, as it also scored a record 36 units, allowing both models to win a relevant advance over the competition.

A reference also for the 3rd placed VW e-Up, that thanks to refresh (and price cut), has jumped to the podium, making a 1-3 standing for Volkswagen.

One model that is being left behind of this sudden sales bonanza is the previous chronical Best Seller in Slovenia, with the BMW i3 showing up only in #5.

Is the German hot hatch losing charge?

BMW is also losing grip on the Manufacturers ranking, after winning the Best Seller trophy 4 years in a row, now it is only 4th, with 5% share, tied with Hyundai, while on the podium, we have Smart in 3rd, with 8% share, with Renault (21%) in the runner-up spot, while Volkswagen came out of obscurity into the leadership, with an amazing 44% share. 


  1. About 96% BEV share in Slovenia...I live in Slovena...most of these buyers are bought their cars for second car in the family...for example: if you go to our car market ( and find new Passat,you can find ONLY diesel cars,no one single Passat PHEV is advertising...

    1. Thanks for the input, do you know why BEVs are so prevalente? Are there BEV-only incentives in Slovenia?

      Last year i crossed Slovenia and was positively surprised by it, beautiful country and plenty of fast-chargers!

    2. Jose: yes,we now have zero incentives for PHEV (last year 2.000 euros),and incentives for BEV now fell from 7.500 to 6.000 euros and will keep falling in the next years!

  2. Did the e-Up! actually get a price cut? My understanding was that it kept the same list price -- while doubling battery capacity... I don't know whether it's being sold with discounts: but given that it's an amazing bargain (compared to anything else available outside China) even at the list price, I can't imagine it would need any significant discounts to sell...

    1. I believe the price went down 4,000€, to around 22,000€, with the new 36kW version

    2. I see... Wasn't aware it cost more before.

      Makes sense though I guess: at the current price, it would likely have sold much better even with the tiny old battery...