Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Global Top 20 February 2020

E-Golf vs Model 3: a Volkswagen consegue superar a Tesla? - Loocalizei

Models: Tesla Model 3 and VW e-Golf shine

After several months in the red, registrations in February finally surpassed the same month last year, growing 16%  YoY, to over 116.000 units. 

This allowed the YTD numbers to be back in black (+2%), with 268.000 deliveries, but this ray of light shouldn't last for long, because the current Coronavírus pandemic is sure to drag sales down to a hole, but for now, things aren't that bad, with the February PEV share at 1,6%, dragging the 2020 plugin share to 1,8%.

BEVs grew faster than the plugin average, allowing them to have 64% of the market (62% YTD), but this is still far from the 74% share of last year. 

With March promising to be still an ok-month in several markets, a global 2% score can still be achieved next month. 

With the Chinese EV market slowing down significantly in February, the highest standing Chinese EV is now the #14 GAC Aion S, the Tesla Model 3 secured its natural place last month, by winning a 6.000 advance over the #2 Renault Zoe, but the highlight of the month was the VW e-Golf, that jumped 4 positions to 4th, thanks to a record 4.093 units.

This kind of performances from the veteran e-Golf bode well for the upcoming VW ID.3 career, with the future VW blockbuster set to become a familiar face in the monthly podiums. Once it officially lands of course...Whenever that is...But i digress, back to last month Best Sellers.

Other models on the rise are the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, now #5 and succeeding the BMW 530e/Le in the PHEV leadership, while the Peugeot 208 EV also climbed one position, to #6.  

The Audi e-Tron continues to climb positions, it is now #8, and has its eyes set on the #7 BMW 530e/Le, just 511 units ahead, so we might see it become the Best Selling Luxury plugin next month...The German Crossover career proves that Tesla products are not unbeatable, if Legacy OEMs provide EVs that are minimally competitive, like the e-Tron, then they too can sell in large amounts, it's just a matter of having the right product and knowing how to market it.

"Build them and they will come" - as they say.

As for the remaining ranking, the Hyundai Kona EV jumped three positions to #9, while the rise and rise of the Volvo XC60 PHEV continues, now in #12, while the BMW i3 climbed to #15. 

Finally, a mention to the Kia Niro EV, that joined the table in #17, thanks to 2.208 units, its best score since last May.

Outside the Top 20, a mention for the Volvo S/V60 PHEV twins, with 1.925 registrations, while the VW e-Up! scored a record 1.542 units, so we could see them soon in the table.

Manufacturers: Tesla climbs to #1

February saw Tesla climb to the leadership, while Volkswagen continues to impress, climbing last month to #3. 

In fact, the whole Volkswagen Group is putting on a strong show, with 4 brands(!) in the Top 20, besides the #3 Volkswagen, we have Audi in #11, Porsche in #18 and in #19 we have Skoda...Allowing them to have 14% share of the market the same that the Renault-Nissan Alliance has.

And Seat still hasn't the Leon PHEV in production, or else we could even have 5 brands here...

Looking elsewhere, Nissan jumped to #6, while Volvo was up two spots, to #7, thanks to 5.994 units, its third(!) record performance in a row. And with the XC40 PHEV just starting its career, the Swedish automaker can even climb higher...

Closing the Top 10, we now have Kia, while Mitsubishi (#13) and Mercedes (#14) climbed positions, with the German maker performance being particularly important, as the Three Pointed Star production ramp up is finally picking up pace.


  1. You say that VW climbed to #3: but it looks like either the numbers in the table are wrong, or you retrospectively changed the numbers for January -- in which case VW was in fact already #3 in January...

    1. VW January numbers in China were updated, hence the slight bump in sales.

  2. Officially Tesla Model 3 is the Worlds #1 selling BEV (PEV) with 471,402 sales with Nissan Leaf being #2 with 469,319. I guess Renault Zoe may be #3 or probably Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.
    Congratulations Tesla.
    In the next few days, we will know the quarterly sales of Tesla. Lets hope for the best.

    Nice to see that Feb had 16% YoY increase pushing the YTD also to 2% increase.
    BEVs having 64% share is for 1st 2 months, when March comes in, it will be a whole different # as Tesla sales would have pushed higher.

  3. GM sold 5,873 Chevy Bolts in 2020-Q1 (3 months) in USA.
    Your website shows 6,056 sales in just 2 months. Did they sell only 183 units in 3rd month in both USA & Canada. Something does not match.

    For those interested in Volt, only 23 was sold in 1st 3 months in USA. Still some 45 Volts are there for sale.

    1. You seem confused... Your calculation makes no sense whatsoever. Why would you compare two-month sales worldwide with three-month sales in the US?

    2. Besides the USA, the Bolt also has significant volumes in Canada and South Korea, while also being sold in several Latin American countries and a few Middle Eastern countries.

    3. GM sells Bolt only in 3 markets (USA, Canada & Korea) worldwide.
      They sold 5,873 in USA, 969 in Canada and 766 in Korea; thats a total of 7,608 units.
      If they sold 6,056 units in 1st 2 months, then they sold only 1,552 units in 3rd month which is 1/2 the average of 1st 2 months.
      Just wondering why the March sales will be so low.

    4. Well, I guess a crash in March in the US is unsurprising, given the current situation... Not sure about Korea, as they seem to have managed the whole thing a whole lot better thus far.

  4. I am confused because this says that in february tesla delivered 16k cars and ytd was 28k which would mean that jan was 12k and feb was 16k. but Q1 deliveries were 88k so does that mean they delivered 60k in march globally???

    1. Wouldn't be the first time, last December they delivered 63k.

      The last month of the quarter is always a peak month for Tesla, just look at what happened in Sweden, almost nothing in the first two months, then an avalanche of deliveries in March.

  5. In a quarter when all automakers suffered sales decrease, Tesla alone was able to increase the sales by big #. Its 88,000 in 2020-Q1 which is 25,000 increase over 63,000 in 2019-Q1. A 40% increase.
    Wonderful. But they did not provide the split between Model 3 & Model Y.
    Model S/X sales : 12,200
    Model 3/Y sales : 76,200
    Total Tesla sales : 88,400

  6. The difference between your and Teslas numbers are strange. As Kobe Kase stated above Tesla claims to have delivered 88 400 vehicles Q1 2020. That in a period where big parts of the world shuts down completely.

    Italy placed all it's 60 million in lock-down March 8. March 11 US declares travelban, March 13 a US National emergency is declared. From mid March all European countries where shutdown. Wuhan was on shutdown long before that.

    To think that Tesla magically managed to deliver 60 000 cars in March when big parts of the world was closing down starting March 8 and forward sounds truly strange. In Europe car dealers have been more or less closed since then. Tesla opened its factory in Shanghai January 7 and closed in end of january due to Covid, and opened it February 10. New York and California closed with stay-at-home-orders the 19th and 20th March.

    That leaves half of March. So in 2 weeks with an escalating ongoing worldwide pandemic Tesla delivers 3,6 x what they did in February? Either your numbers aren't right, or I start to suspect that Tesla aren't truthful. Where did you find your numbers?/Sincerely

    1. I still haven't got the full picture for March, but with what i have, i think Tesla's numbers are correct, they "starved" January and March deliveries more than usual, delivering the difference in March, allowing a higher than usual peak, with several outstanding performances, especially in Asia: 11k Model 3 in China, 2.5k TM3 in Korea, 1K in Taiwan…

      Only here, you have already 15k Model 3's delivered in March…

      As to why Tesla did this, my guess is as good as yours.

  7. Also Tesla claims to have delivered 12 200 Model S in Q1. But according to your list, less than 3345 of that was in january or february. So they delivered those cars on that meager month of may? I truly don't get it.

    1. 12 200 Model S & X, not only Model S. The breakdown is more or less 7k Model X and 5k Model S.

  8. In January 2020, Tesla Model 3 were sold 10013 units, and in February 2020, it were 13661 units, then how come YTD (year-to-date) in Feb totalled 22983 units. If you add Jan and feb sales, the total comes 23674 units, not 22983. And there are so many places where I'm finding these differences. Why?