Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Zealand April 2018

Prius PHEV lands with a bang

Last month, 104 plug-ins were sold in New Zealand, up 154%, and pulling the year result to 423 units, helping to place the PEV Share at a record 1.2%.

Looking at the models ranking, the 2018 leadership is in the hands wheels of the usual Best Seller, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, followed by the rising Teslas, with the Model S registering its best off-peak month (18 units), and climbing one position, into Second Place, while the Model X jumped three positions, now being Third.

But the big news was the landing of the PHEV version of the Prius, with 20 registrations in its landing month, a new debut best on this market, and considering the popularity of Toyota in New Zealand, one would say that the leader Outlander PHEV could have here its biggest threat so far.

Elsewhere, Hyundai had a good month, as it saw its Ioniq PHEV climb two positions, to #12, while the BEV version came closer to reach Fourth, thanks to 10 deliveries, while the Porsche Panamera PHEV had its best month so far, by delivering 3 units, jumping to #14 and confirming the popularity of the new Sports Sedan worldwide. 

In the Manufacturers ranking, Tesla is the surprise leader, with 27%, while the seven times Best Selling Manufacturer Mitsubishi is in Second Place (17%), and Hyundai (11%) in Third, but BMW (10%) and Volkswagen (9%) are on the lookout for an opportunity to join the podium. 



  1. TESLA seems to have a monopoly so far and a question mark why it is completely absent from the LEAF has not yet been introduced there?

    1. The new Leaf is expected to be introduced in the following months, maybe in Q3?