Thursday, May 10, 2018

USA April 2018

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Porsche shines in stable market

Some 20,000 plug-in units were registered last month in the USA, a 47% increase YoY, pulling the 2018 count now at 75,000 units, a 35% growth over the same period last year, with the 2018 PEV share now at  a record 1.4%. Will we see the PEV share cross 2% before Q4?

With the leader Tesla Model 3 slowly ramping up production, the Second Placed Toyota Prius Prime continues to impress, having delivered 2,626 units last month. The way things are going, it seems this years Best Seller awards are already attributed, with the BEV (and overall) award going to the Tesla Model 3, with the PHEV trophy going to the Prius Prime.

Looking elsewhere, there wasn't much to talk about in the first half of the table, with the only notable change being the Chevrolet Bolt climbing to Fourth Place.

In the secong half, things were more interesting, with the Porsche Cayenne PHEV joining the ranking, in #18, thanks to 265 deliveries, a new record for the Sports SUV, and underlining Porsche's great month, the recently arrived Panamera PHEV clocked 336 registrations in April, also a new record performance for the Sport Sedan.

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Tesla (32%, down 1%) is high above the competition, with Chevrolet (14%) in the runner-up place, with Toyota (12%) not far from the GM brand, while BMW is Fourth, with 9%, down 1%.

Source: Inside EVs



  1. Tesla said that they had a lot of cars in transition to customers in the end of March. Later, they said that they made 2100+2100+2200 Model 3 in three weeks of April.

    Why only 4000 deliveries? Should be 7000, right?

    1. The number comes from Inside EVs, which so far have been accurate predicting Tesla numbers, but i have to say that i had been scratching my head with this number.

      The explanation could be that part of the production must be being deflected to Canada, and because Tesla is trying to postpone the 200k into July, they must be taking their time to check QC on a number of units.

      So expect the Q2 Model 3's to be close to perfect regarding Quality Control :)

    2. Lets wait for April numbers for Canada sales:)

      Nice time to bet, if Tesla would, or would not, manage to get less than 200k cumulative deliveries in Q2)

    3. If Tesla wants to push the 200k sold unit into Q3, nothing easier than that. Why dont they ship the exceeding units to Europe or China.
      According to Bloomberg Tesla had produced more than 20.000 units by end April. I doubt they are all in Canada. Seems to be weird to me that Tesla is holding back cars while half the world is waiting for them.

    4. Read the many comments by Steven Loveday from InsideEVs under this article, he explained it a little:

    5. Yeah, thank you. I think, he will have to adjust his numbers)

      But good news - he thinks that actually more Model 3 were built and just not delivered for now

  2. AnonymousMay 10, 2018

    Good to see that 4 out of the Top 5 are BEV.

    1. Yep, and expect this trend to continue throughout the year.