Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Global Top 10 April 2018

Upcoming BYD Qin: Niiice...

Models: Month 3 before TM3 Flood -  BAIC EC-Series Best Seller in April

Registrations jumped 93% in April, to some 128,000 units, at this pace, the current record (174,000 units, in December '17), is in danger to be broken next September, or even earlier, in June.

This positive start of the year is placing the 2018 numbers at 435,000 units (+68% YoY), with the global PEV share now standing at 1.4% share, a new record, which makes realistic the prospect of this year of hitting two million units (and over 2% share) this year. 

In April, the BAIC EC-Series was the Best Seller, with 7,471 units (+72%), followed by the Nissan Leaf, that was down 47% regarding the record month of March, but the 5,941 units represente a 97% jump over the same month last year. 

Third in April was the rising BYD e5, with  a record4.294 units, that thanks to a new version, with 400 kms range (NEDC), is jumping positions and could be a Top 10 presence in a couple of months.

Other models shining in April were the BYD Qin PHEV, scoring 4,138 units (Year best), the SAIC Baojun E100 (3,760 units, also year best), while the Tesla Model 3 hit 3,875 units last month, a small deliveries increase that allowed it to return to the Top 10, as it prepares to shatter all records in July and attack the leadership in that same month...  

As for the YTD ranking, the BAIC EC-Series came closer to the Nissan Leaf, with the Chinese model trying to recover the leadership, while the BYD Qin PHEV jumped to positions, to #6.

Comparing the current Top 10 passengers with their places in 2017, the new generation Leaf has pulled the nameplate to #1, the Prius PHEV continues in a solid Third Place, while the BYD Qin and Song PHEVs increased their performances significantly regarding 2017.
The Tesla Model 3 was still in launch mode, that is why it was only #106 last year (And yes, there are already 106 plug-in models, in total, 193 PEV models were on sale in 2017…)

Looking at the BEV / PHEV breakdown, pure electrics increased once again their lead (+1%) in April, now representing 61% of the total market, expect this score to be constantly improved throughout the year, maybe to levels above the 65% share of 2017. 

Image result for tesla 2018 lineup
The one in the middle is said to flood the US charts in July...

Manufacturers:  Month 3 before TM3 Flood - BYD recovers #1

April signaled two significant changes, the most important being the return of BYD to the leadership, thanks to 13,209 deliveries (Year best), but it wasn't the only Chinese manufacturer to climb positions, BAIC was up to #4, crossing for the first time this year the 10,000 units, while Volkswagen is on fire, breaking its record for the second time in a row(!), with almost 9,000 deliveries, allowing it to come closer to the #5 Nissan, while Roewe also posted a new record result, with 6,943 units.
Outside this Top 10, the #11 Chevrolet missed a presence by just 60 units, while Chery is on the up, reaching #12, being just 1,000 units behind JAC, so expect an entertaining race for #10 in the following months. 

Comparing current positions with 2017, BYD is at it usual place, but this time Tesla is higher than last year (The Model 3 should have something to do with this…), with the American carmaker waiting for July (June?) to definitely jump to the drivers seat and sprint for the Best Seller award, something it has yet to win, ever since it landed, way back in the Cretaceous 2008...  

Volkswagen is significantly better than last year, up three positions, to #6, as it tries to beat its highest standing ever (#5, in 2015), while JAC is also up seven positions regarding 2017.

Looking at sales by brand origin, the Chinese are the unconstested leaders, with 42% of all deliveries, while Germany (20%) held steady in Second Place, and the USA (14%, down 1%) saved its podium seat from Japan (13%).


  1. Where are the 7000+ Model 3 allegedly manufactured by Tesla in April?. Are they stocking the car?.

    1. Part is showing here, another part was on its way to Canada, and…

      ...part is waiting for July to be delivered.

      (Pssst, it's a secret, don't tell anyone)


    2. Ok. My lps are sealed.XD

      Pd: But I can't understand why with thounsands of buyers awaiting fot their Model 3, they delay deliveries to july.

    3. Because of the US tax credit, if they only reach the 200k registrations in July, they will have all the H2 2018 to deliver Model 3's in the US with the full 7.5k tax credit.

  2. I wonder whether Nissan has already started Leaf deliveries to other Asian countries?

  3. I have one of them, built May 7th. It takes 2-8 weeks to go from production to delivery, so 7000+ built in April translates to 7000+ delivered in May or June, depending on when in the month they were built and where in the world they're being delivered.

    Although on the note of stocking them, yeah. They started shipping them to Canada a few weeks ago but only just got government approval to start selling them ~10 days ago. So they had a parking lot with ~1000 Model 3s awaiting that approval sitting in Toronto, Canada. They're finding their way into customer hands now.

  4. I dont expect record in May or June Tesla will definitely tank, keeping cars in storage rather than selling them (to keep within 200k in US) The Chinese effort wont be enough for the record. In July Bum! All stored Tesla + increasing Chinese (they seem to linearly go up through the year) then a new record every month from Sep to Dec.

  5. Jose,

    The top 10 Plug-In models represent just 38% of the total.

    A top 20 would make more sense. And it would be more interesting.

  6. AnonymousJune 01, 2018

    Hi, I would like to know the sales of Mitsubishi Jan-May YTD to be able to see who is the real #1 between BYD, Tesla and the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance. There will be upsets this year. Bruno Marcoux

    1. Here's a Top 5 by OEM:

      Renault-Nissan - 56k
      BYD - 42k
      Tesla - 39k
      BMW Group - 37k
      VW Group - 36k

  7. AnonymousJune 01, 2018

    M. Pontes, would it be possible to have the ev sales only for the Province of Québec ? We are the only canadian province with a ZEV mandate and would like to benefit from your stats to publish a monthly report that would be unique to Québec. Our target is to reach 100 000 evs by 2020 and 1 million evs by 2030. 24 000 at the end of March. Regular monthly stats would help potential buyers purchase available evs as well as raise interest to follow the transition. Bruno Marcoux

    1. Bruno, sorry but i do not have that kind of data, but please contact Matthew Klippenstein, from Green Car Reports, he is my Canadian source and could have it.

  8. The Chinese Industries are very serious about the electric car, and if improved in design and general quality, the big names in the car industry will make it very frustrating.

  9. Ok, I want to make an official prediction

    Tesla Model 3 - 126 000
    BAIC EC - 100 000
    Nissan Leaf - 84 000