Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Short Range / Long Range

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A reader made a great suggestion for EVS that i am willing to use, besides the BEV/PHEV separation, EVS should distinguish also short range PHEVs, aka "compliance plug-ins", from longer range PHEVs.

Thing is, which will be the criteria?


And how many kms range should be the separation between both? 30 kms? 40? 50?

Now that we are on it, does it make sense to also separate BEVs?

Doing maybe three categories (Short range BEVs, <350 kms; Medium range, 350<530 kms; Long Range >530 kms)?


  1. AnonymousJuly 04, 2018

    Short up to 300 kms
    Mid between 300 - 500 kms
    Long over 500 kms

  2. Jose, it is a great idea.

    For PHEV - Long range - EPA 30 km+
    For BEV - Long range - EPA 300 km+

    In the first case - it is for two-way trip in the city. In the second case - it is when people start to use EVs for long trips without much thinking and preparations

  3. AnonymousJuly 04, 2018

    Short < 30 miles WLTP
    Long > 30 miles WLTP

    BEV on the WLTP
    Short < 200 miles
    Long > 200 miles

  4. I believe that a seperation inside BEVs is not that important, as in any case the car will drive 100% electric. The seperation on PHEVs however would be very useful, as it will show how much of the driving will be done electric. I would also say that anything below 60kms range should be short range.

    1. I agree with this, there must be a way of instant recognition for customers who choose PHEVs. Such as a word or a number that will set the distance that this car can only travel by batteries.

      For BEVs proposition ....

      BEV SR (Standard Range) <400kms WLTP
      BEV LR (Long Range) >400kms WLTP

    2. Still doesn't hurt to have that information I think.

  5. Definitely WLTP because it's the most accurate as far as I know and 40 kilometres. That I think represents more or less most peoples daily commute I think.

    Short Range less than 250km
    Mid Range 250-500km
    Long Range everything above 500

  6. AnonymousJuly 04, 2018

    I would suggest to use following ranges:

    Short <50
    Mid 50-200
    Long >200

    Short <350
    Mid 350 - 600
    Long >600

    You're with us already for 6 years, and hopefully your portal will exist for many years more, so it would be good to be prepared for changes on that huge, fast-growing, and soon-to-become mainstream market.

  7. Any update on Finland soon? :)

  8. I have 5 years practical experience with the Region Munich, 50 km distance to my office, Renault ZOE 2013 and mobility transition and consulting. We have real average figures of Munich general car usage, and maximum needs for BEV-Winter. Average car usage in the Region real is 1,3 passangers, 13 km distance per day and 30 km/h average speed in the daytime.
    SHORT should BEV Winter need of a City plus region that means for Munich 100 km ( 2 ways with 50 km) real for 4 Persons with normal speed.

  9. AnonymousJuly 04, 2018

    Hello everyone,

    I would definitely choose the current EPA test cycle, since it's the more rigorous and strict one. Therefore, the range is more realistic with the EPA than with the WLTP. In General, WLTP seems to be ~+15% off, and EPA only ~+5%. This is only my impression after reading a few articles and papers.

    Only when EPA is not available, the WLTP should be used. (f.e. Renault ZOE)

    BEV Categories:
    Short range <300km
    Medium range 300<500km
    Long range >500km

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  11. AnonymousJuly 04, 2018

    KISS: Keep It ...

  12. Hello Jose,
    keep it simple. I like the numbers as they are. Splitting BEV and PHEV makes sense but produces already more numbers. Disintegrating PHEV into range categories poses the risk to end up in a mess.
    Best regards, Tino
    By the way: This is very nice work!

  13. Thank you all for the contribution, after weighing all the contributions, i came with the following criteria:

    SR PHEV: <50 kms (30 mi) WLTP
    LR PHEV: >= 50 kms WLTP

    SR BEV: <300 kms (188 mi) WLTP
    MR BEV: >=300; <600 kms(375 mi) WLTP
    LR BEV: >600 kms WLTP

    I have chosen WLTP, because there are more models on that cycle, and also hopefully the Chinese models will, sometime in the future, change to this standard.

    In the case of models with more than one version (eg, Tesla), i will consider the lowest range version for classifying it.

    As someone said, we need to look into future developments, so i have considered LR BEVs as over 600 kms, despite no current model offering that range, but as batteries evolve, we will get there sometime, which will be essential for those "living on the road" to Go Electric.

    So, from now on, LR PHEVs will be in Bold Black, while MR BEV will be in Bold Blue, while the remaining SR models will be in regular formatting.

  14. TanstaaflJuly 06, 2018

    I am very glad with this result.