Thursday, July 12, 2018

Finland June 2018

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Volvo: Big in Finland

Volvo Land

Despite a harsh climate and small incentives, Finland has become a major plug-in market, thanks to some impressive growth rates, with June being no exception, with 509 PEV's sold, it was up 105% regarding the same month last year, with the 2018 numbers reaching over 3,200 units (+151%), and the 2018 PEV Share reaching a record 4.6%.

Sure, PHEVs represent 89% of the PEV market, but this is one of the few markets where a plug-in hybrid prevalence is understandable in snow-heavy Finland.

Looking at the models ranking, it's a Volvo-fest, with three Swede models in the Top 4, with only the Mercedes GLC350e following the pace of the Volvo models. The brand plug-ins are getting more love here, than in its home market...

The surprise of the month was the BMW 225xe Active Tourer, grabbing 28 deliveries in June (Best performance since January), allowing it to jump 6 positions, to Tenth, while on the BEV front, the Nissan Leaf is ahead, having already delivered twice as much units as it did in the whole 2017...

Looking at the manufacturers ranking, Volvo (34%) is leading by a mile, with Mercedes (19%) stable in Second and #3 BMW (12%), keeping a close eye on Volkswagen (9%).



  1. I'm starting to love your short/medium/long range distinction. But it is sad to see a list with only one medium range PHEV and one medium range BEV model in it.

    It shows how long we still have to go.

    1. True.

      I guess a year from now, things will look different, for the better.

      Especially in the case of PHEVs, the problem was the NEDC cycle, where even small batteries (Ahem, BMW & Mercedes) allowed for decent(ish) ranges, at least on paper.

      Now, with the WLTP cycle, their electric ranges will be significantly shorter and OEMs will add larger batteries to present decent ranges.