Monday, July 16, 2018

Germany June 2018

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Renault Zoe climbs to #1 

The German PEV passenger car market grew 23% in June, to 5,709 registrations, with PHEVs (+25%) and BEVs (+21%) growing at similar pace. In 2018, all-electrics are reaching 1% share, while plug-in hybrids grew their share to 1%, making a total PEV share of 2%.

But the most interesting story on the fuels mix is the Titanic-like drop of diesel vehicles sales, in June their sales sank 16%, to the benefit of all other kinds of fuels, with diesel now only representing 31% of the market..At this pace, Diesel sales could be tot in this market by 2021...Inconceivable? Well, in 12 months, Diesel lost 9% share, from 40% to 31%…

Looking at June Best Sellers, BMW had a 1-2 win, with the i3 scoring 509 units, a new Year Best, while the 225xe Active Tourer registered 500 units, a new record for the German MPV.

The Renault Zoe was Third, while the Surprise of the Month was the #5 Mini Countryman PHEV, that with 300 deliveries, had its best result ever in Germany. 

Just outside the Top 5, the VW e-Golf registered only 290 deliveries, its worst performance in 11 months. Is the German brand already starting the sunset mode of its BEV hatchback?

BMW i3
BMW 225xe A. Tourer
Renault Zoe
Smart Forfour ED
Mini Countryman PHEV

Over the years, the German PEV market became known for its constant changes, with several plots and sub-plots happening every time, like a Rote Rosen-style novela, on this season, in the June chapter, we have yet another leadership change, with the Renault Zoe climbing to #1 for the first time since July '17.

But the changes in the front group didn't ended there, the BMW i3 surpassed the Smart Fortwo ED and is now the new Third Placed, but with only 358 units separating the 4 front-runners, there's still a lot to expect from this race until December, almost reminding the best races in Formula E

The Smart Forfour ED climbed two positions, to Sixth, making 6 BEVs in the Top 6 positions, which is a significant sign of what people are looking for...

In the PHEV race, the Mercedes E350e is losing ground to its persecutors (VW Passat & Golf GTE, BMW 225xe A. Tourer), with the BMW MPV expected to surpass the remaining competition in July.

The Audi A3 e-Tron is in recovery mode, jumping four positions, to #11, thanks to 279 units, its best result in 9 months, with the 2017 Best Seller looking to reach at least a Top 10 position.

As for Tesla Model S, the Sports Sedan climbed two positions to #15, but it is still behind its direct competitor, the #12 Porsche Panamera PHEV. Germany would always be a tough market to crack for Tesla (A bit like the BMW i3 in the US), but the truth is that this year, the Model S deliveries are down 32% YoY, while the Model X is faring even worse (-37% YoY). Are the upcoming German Premium BEVs already making a dent in Tesla sales?

Underlining another positive month for BMW, the 530e sedan also hit a personal best, with 161 registrations, allowing it to climb to #17.

In the brands ranking, Volkswagen (17%, down 1%) continues in the lead, but BMW (16%) is getting closer, while the #3 Smart (12%) is stable in the last place of the podium. 



  1. Difficult to guess which EV model will take the crown at the end of 2018.

    Normally, that should be the VW e-Golf.

    But VW is not producing enough of them to satisfy the demand for the VW e-Golf.

    Perhaps VW bought too few battery packs for a possible increase of the steady weekly production numbers of the VW e-Golf? If they could get more battery packs delivered to them, then they could produce more VW e-Golfs.

    Apparently, it seems that VW has underestimated the substantial demand for the VW e-Golf (mainly in Europe).

    When is VW going to increase the production capacity of the VW e-Golf?

    1. At this point, i doubt they will increase much more the production rate, it seems VW is already looking ahead and investing on the upcoming ID hatchback to take them into the next level.

    2. Rather, Renault Zoe will prevail this year in the German market. Also the Smart fortwo ED if it had a slightly larger battery would be an excellent choice for big cities and with better pricing would be high in the sales rankings

  2. AnonymousJuly 21, 2018

    Tesla is too stupid to sell a SUV, at a time, when SUV have the highest market growth.

  3. VW announced to increase production of the e-Golf later this year after company vacation, from 120 to 160 units daily (+33%).