Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Slovakia June 2018

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(Sky High) Records

The PEV market in Slovakia is on fire, with sales in June smashing all previous records, with 143 registrations, up 240% YoY, and more than doubling numbers on the previous record (62 units, set in the previous month), with the PEV share in June reaching a record 1.5%, and pulling the 2018 PEV share up to  0.8%. 

And don't think this is thanks to tax dodging PHEVs, as 66% of all plug-ins sold last month were BEVs...So this is a market that not only is growing fast, but it is doing so in a healthy way, with a BEV prevalence. This is a good example to follow by the neighboring countries...Keep up the good work, Slovakia!

Essential to this brilliant result were the 52 Nissan Leaf registrations in June, not only it was by far the best result ever for a single model in this market, they but also represented 31% of Nissan sales(!) in the country last month. Congrats for the local Nissan importer, for grabbing this opportunity to shine.

Looking elsewhere, the BMW i3 climbed two positions, to Third tied with the Audi Q7 e-Tron, thanks to a personal best of 11 units, while the in remaining positions we see the Smart Fortwo ED climbing one position, to Sixth, thanks to 8 deliveries (New Personal Best), while the VW Golf GTE jumped three spots to #7, thanks to a record 8 registrations.

Finally, we welcome the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, in #10, showing up here thanks to a best ever month, with 6 deliveries (Do you see a trend here?...). 

In the manufacturers ranking, Nissan is leading, with 26% (up 8%), with Audi in Second (12%,down 4%) and the #3 BMW (11%), closing in on the Ingolstadt manufacturer.

Source: motofocus.sk

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